InBattle VR Unifies Miami’s VR Gaming Community with a Next-Gen Full-Body VR Arena

May 05 23:24 2023
InBattle VR is an American company that has launched Miami’s most advanced e-sports VR battle arena. With multiple gaming modes, unique champions & gear, and comprehensive lore behind its games, InBattle VR is reshaping the landscape of e-sports.

Virtual reality entertainment has been steadily rising in popularity among e-sports fans and professionals alike in recent times. From Oculus headgear to full-body VR sets, virtual reality gaming made a quantum leap. Through InBattle VR, the most immersive gaming experiences are now unlocked for Miami gamers and gaming enthusiasts for the first time. 

InBattle VR is a next-gen e-sports arena hosting Miami e-sports events, pushing the envelope with cutting-edge equipment, and reshaping the landscape of the gaming industry by forming a bridge between traditional sports and VR gaming. 

InBattle VR recently announced a new map and followed its launch with an exciting tournament for local gamers to enjoy and showcase their skills. Aside from frequently hosting e-sports competition events, InBattle VR’s arena is a versatile option for people seeking a unique event venue. 

The experience was awarded an Epic MegaGrant by Epic Games for its uniqueness and innovation.

From casual office outings and birthday parties to team-building exercises and professional e-sports practice, this VR arena offers a range of options to its customers. 

James Kohnstamm, Executive Vice President of Miami-Dade Beacon Council stated that the launch of the InBattle VR project further cemented Miami’s position as the growing capital of e-sports and virtual reality entertainment.

“This is an important milestone for Miami’s continued growth in the eSports space, allowing our city to be recognized as a leader in the industry,” said Kohnstamm. 

As a full-fledged VR arena, InBattle puts the players into a physically engaging gaming atmosphere. In contrast to VR headsets, the full-body virtual reality rigs worn by InGame players transport all body movements to a digital plane in real time. 

Ever since its launch, InBattle VR was focused on creating a budding VR gaming community through college esports partnerships, including the Miami-Dade Beacon Council and Miami Dade College, some of the most prominent Miami universities and digital studios are enamored with InBattle’s vision and thoroughly endorse it. 

“For the Beacon Council, this project not only represents more jobs and capital investments to the community but also talent development as inBattle partnered with Miami Dade College’s MAGIC Program to support students as mentors using a hands-on approach,” Kohnstamm continued. 

InBattle VR boasts one of the best-equipped VR arenas in the U.S. With a spacious battleground, advanced headsets, and comprehensive player gear, this company is offering a thoroughly immersive gaming experience to its players. 

As the InBattle VR gaming community grows, the company sets its sights on expanding and extending its technologies, vision, and enthusiasm to other communities across the globe.

More information about InBattle VR is available on the company’s official website.

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