Airtek is a Top Commercial Food Dryer and Dehydrator Machine Manufacturer

May 06 00:24 2023
Airtek specialises in manufacturing and supplying high-quality, low-cost and eco-friendly commercial food dehydrators and drying machines.

Airtek is a renowned supplier of cutting-edge, energy-efficient and reasonably priced industrial food drying machines and dehydrators. With over eight years in the industry, this enterprise holds an important place in the worldwide market. Based in mainland China, with offices in Hong Kong, Manila and the Philippines, Airtek develops, designs, markets and sells quality products with no or minimal carbon footprints. The company exports its innovative food drying machines frequently to the US, Thailand, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Sri Lanka, Nepal and other nations.

In an interview, Airtek’s spokesperson said, “Food drying is not a novel idea, as it has been practised since prehistoric times. The method of drying makes a difference because traditional drying uses a lot of energy while our current drying procedures employing dehydrators don’t. We exclusively utilise low and medium heat in our dehydrators to successfully dry food products to increase their shelf life. But, this specific drying method has a lot of additional advantages, in addition to being speedy and energy-efficient. It aids in preserving the food item’s original flavour, colour and nutritional value. As one of the top food dehydrator manufacturers, Airtek rolls out drying machines appropriate for drying huge food quantities.”

The primary contributor to environmental pollution is the high energy usage of heating appliances like heaters and boilers. To reduce this worldwide problem, Airtek offers energy-efficient food dryers backed by rapid food drying technology. With two sheet metal and device factories and a combined plant area of 13,000 square metres, the company offers a complete line of commercial heat pump dryer goods in China. The company’s multipurpose machines can dry several items, including fruits, vegetables, pet food, meat, fish, herbs, and agricultural products, quicker than other air-drying machines.

The spokesperson added, “As a leading commercial food dehydrator manufacturer, we are getting honour for our consistent work and receiving positive feedback from our clients for providing them with high-quality dehydrators. There is satisfaction guaranteed to all in terms of both high product quality standards and exceptional customer services. All our food drying machines are equipped with parts belonging to big and well-known brands. We offer a one-year warranty or satisfaction guarantee, wherein we replace all accessories free of cost. Last but not the least, fair prices of our products make them even more popular.”

Those who wish to buy dehydrator machines must check out the innovative Airtek food dryer, dehydrator, and dehumidifier range. There are food and fruit drying machines, nut drying, wood drying, herbs and spices drying, meat drying, fish and seafood drying, hemp drying, Buddha incense drying and tobacco drying machines available with the company. With a never-ending penchant for growth, Airtek constantly invests in research and development.

About Airtek:

Based in China, Airtek is a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative food drying machines. For those who wish to buy a small fish drying machine that is of a high standard, consumes less energy, is competitively priced and is multifunctional, Airtek can be an ideal partner.

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Airtek Energy Systems Limited

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Huadu District, Guangzhou City, China

Phone: +86 13182233736

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