Smart AI Globe Ltd Expands into Liberia, Fueling Growth Opportunities for Local Businesses

May 08 12:12 2023

The international e-commerce market continues to grow, accounting for billions of dollars in transactions every year. However, many developing countries, including Liberia, have not yet tapped into the vast potential of e-commerce. In Liberia, consumer e-commerce accounts for less than 5% of the market, leaving ambitious individual even small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) struggling to access global opportunities. Recognizing Liberia’s potential, leading global e-commerce company Smart AI Globe Ltd (Smart AI) is taking action with a bold strategy to establish a local shopping platform that will support Liberian ambitious individual and SMEs’ entry into international markets. According to Zemita, the company’s Head of Global Strategy, “Our goal is to support their growth by leveraging our advanced data analytics capabilities.”


With its ambitious plan to create a local shopping platform, Smart AI aims to foster the development of Liberian SMEs and individuals by leveraging its cutting-edge data analytics capabilities. The company’s experience in online marketplaces and billions of e-commerce platform user journeys provides valuable insights into consumer behavior, enabling clients to gain a deeper understanding of their target audience. Smart AI is poised to capitalize on Liberia’s flourishing e-commerce market by partnering with local e-commerce platforms, launching multi-language localized websites, and mobile applications.

Smart AI’s commitment to Liberia goes beyond these initial steps. To support Liberian businesses and individuals, the company plans to invest significantly in helping SMEs and individuals access international markets. Within just four months, Smart AI will establish a local shopping platform and create offline offices for regional managers across all cities. Additionally, the company will allocate $1 million in sponsorship funds to support 50 regional managers in setting up offline offices and forming business teams. By harnessing its advanced data analytics capabilities, Smart AI can provide ongoing technical and financial support to SMEs and individuals, helping them overcome the challenges of trading through online channels and marketplaces.


Smart AI’s entry into the Liberian market is set to make a substantial impact both locally and beyond. By offering a thriving platform for local businesses and individuals, the company is creating new opportunities for individuals and SMEs and contributing to Liberia’s economic development. Focused on sustained growth and support, Smart AI is well-positioned to drive e-commerce expansion in Liberia and pave the way for individuals and SMEs to enter the international market.

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