Meet LaQuan Wilson AKA Brydell Cocky – A relatable comedian and a YouTube Superstar who has gone consistently viral in the last few years

May 08 12:34 2023
The Youtuber and comedian has become a rising face of fame due to his undeniable comic skills and determination to succeed.

Possessing a multi-pronged personality, Wilson rose to fame on YouTube for his viral ultra relatable skits and a variety of other content such as dancing, videos games, school, and more. Scouted for his top tier content in the entertainment world, he started gaining credibility and fame in the ever so tough YouTube industry in a short span of time. Today he has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and a shining Gold Play Button. With a zeal to succeed, make the world laugh, and gain worldwide recognition, Wilson has strived hard from a very young age to reach where he is today.

In addition to becoming a prominent figure through hard work and determination, he aspires to help people struggling with mental health issues. He is striving hard to help out people and minimise their sufferings by making them laugh. When we asked him how he does that he said “Some of my followers deal with depression and my videos help make them laugh and get through the day. For others, it brings back childhood memories. The mom videos I make, remind some of them of their moms who passed away.”

When asked about his rise to fame and how she got where he is today, he graciously said Throughout my high school years, I was always told I’m funny and it might become my career one day. I really enjoy making people laugh. It brings out the joy and happiness in them. In 2016, while in college getting my second associates degree I didn’t even know what a YouTuber was until randomly scrolling through YouTube. I figured I give it a try and see what happens. After reaching 10k subscribers within a couple of months, I made it my every day job to upload content. I almost gave up after my dad passed away from kidney cancer. But I gathered myself back up and started from scratch. It was one hell of a journey.”

Apart from being a rising face of fame, Wilson has become an inspiring individual due to his super-influential journey having the constant urge to achieve her dreams. It is despite all setbacks; the comedian and viral youtuber never gave up on his dreams and has always strived to get the most out of every opportunity.

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