Camella, the Leading Brand in the Philippine Housing Industry, is Building Well-Planned Communities Across the Nation

May 08 18:18 2023
Camella has earned its rightful place as the top-of-mind brand in the Philippine Housing Industry after over four decades of community building across the islands.

Camella has been building quality homes, vertical villages, and well-planned communities across the Philippines for over 45 years. These spaces improve people’s lives and are ideal for holistic living. Camella homes are also profitable, providing investors with more than their money’s value.

The developer has provided a roof for more than 500,000 families in locations they wish to set down their roots. Camella chose to reach farther across the country than any other property developer because they understand Filipinos’ ties with the places where they grew up and created their most beautiful memories. This is why Camella has earned its rightful place as the top-of-the-mind brand in the Philippine housing industry.

“Every Filipino deserves to live their dream life. That is why we keep on building,” said Jerylle Luz Quismundo, Chief Operating Officer of Vista Land. 

“We are committed to creating communities that unite people, improve infrastructure, and create job opportunities. We are committed to nation-building that begins with community-building,” Quismundo added.

Nation-building is more than a development process in a country; it is the collective action that starts within communities. When people work together to achieve common goals, they build more resilient, prosperous, and lasting communities, which serve as the backbone for a stronger nation. 

Camella believes that one vital factor that makes a great nation is its people’s solidarity. People with a strong sense of community are likelier to collaborate to achieve common goals that benefit everyone. 

Vibrant communities are critical to the social and economic development of a country. The following are some of the ways in which communities contribute to nation-building.

–  Active Citizenship: Communities are important in nation-building because they promote engaged citizenship. This includes encouraging everyone to participate in civic activities like voting, attending public meetings, volunteering, and working on community projects. 

–  Social Belongingness: Powerful nations are built on communities with significant social cohesiveness. According to Camella, when people’s sense of community is strong, they are more likely to work together towards common goals that benefit everybody.

–  Economic Development: Economic growth is the best way for communities to contribute to nation-building. Supporting local firms, for example, significantly impacts the local economy, attracting investments and creating employment. 

–  Education: A community that gives access to an excellent education, supports workers in the field, and fosters lifelong learning is perfect for nation-building.         

–  Environment Stewardship: Communities can foster this mission by promoting sustainable practices, protecting natural resources, and reducing their carbon footprint.

About Camella 

Camella is the country’s largest developer with over 45 years of building experience and pioneering concept leadership. Its focus is on building living communities that embody innovation and progress with family and community life, creating a legacy of value for generations. 

Camella’s homes are not limited to one type. Its portfolio ranges from inner-city townhouses to sprawling suburban single-family homes and mid-rise condominium towers. 

Camella’s success strategy is straightforward: for every house they construct, they picture a Filipino family, and for every subdivision they design, they see a Filipino community. They have built quality homes, vertical villages, and well-planned communities nationwide.

Visit the website below for more information and discover how Camella builds well-planned communities nationwide.

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