Opic Technologies, Inc. owns patented technology poised to bring together mega industries

May 08 18:33 2023
Opic’s 3D smart phone, 3D tablet, and 3D laptop will be the meeting place of the Virtual Reality industry and the cell phone, tablet & personal computer industries.

Dr. Robert Douglas has founded Opic Technologies, Inc., an Orlando, Florida based company to provide a new type of technology for laptop computers. Opic refers to this as the “3D laptop”.

Opic’s “3D laptop” is a laptop equipped with two cameras separated by a stereoscopic distance. Opic’s 3D laptop uses one camera to acquire left eye imagery and a second camera to acquire right eye imagery, which together comprise 3D imagery.

Assume Kathy is the user of Opic’s 3D laptop. Using the 3D laptop, Kathy can acquire 3D imagery of herself. The 3D imagery can then be streamed over the internet to a user wearing a virtual reality (VR) headset. Assume Bob is wearing the VR headset. Bob will be able to see 3D imagery of Kathy. When this occurs in near real time, Opic refers to this as “3D live stream”.

According to Research and Markets, the Virtual Reality industry is predicted to be $87 billion by 2030. Opic’s 3D laptop would be one means to achieve a “3D live stream” to VR headsets, but Opic has at least two other means including Opic’s 3D tablet and Opic’s 3D smart phone.

According to FortuneBusinessInsights.com, the global smartphone market was $485 billion in 2022. Given the massive size of these industries, Opic is not going to try and compete with the giants. Rather, Opic will offer an exclusive license of Opic’s entire patent portfolio to one company. According to Bloomberg Law, “an exclusive patent license typically grants the licensee the sole right to practice an invention.” Since many of Opic’s patents expire in 2040, this would allow the purchaser exclusive rights to this technology for nearly 17 years.

Opic will use an open offer strategy for the exclusive license. Opic will accept offers from any individual or company, whether it be U.S. based or foreign, and whether it be in the laptop industry, smart phone industry or VR industry. The details of the open offer, which will include the opening bid price and close out bid price, will be released in the summer of 2023. Opic can be followed on Twitter @opic_inc

About Dr. Robert Douglas

For the past 15 years, Dr. Douglas has been a pioneer in 3D imaging technology having having designed, built and tested an array of 3D imaging technologies. Dr. Douglas been awarded 75+ patents and has 50+ additional patents pending. Prior to his work at Opic Technologies, Inc., Dr. Douglas served as Director of Systems Analysis at Lockheed Martin, VP of Engineering at DRS Technologies and Chief Techology Officer at D3D Technologies,

Twitter: @opic_inc
Website: www.opicinc.com

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