Meredith O’Connor Announces “You Are Not Alone” Expansion Launch Date and Addresses Fan’s Speculation on Comeback

May 08 21:06 2023

The iconic anti-bullying activist and pop star Meredith O’Connor delivered the keynote speech at UC Irvine again for the 2023 Mental Health Conference. In her speech, she announced that she is bringing back and expanding her award winning school program globally. After her music hiatus to attend University where she studied mental health, fans and celebrity bloggers have speculated possible rumors of her making a comeback amid her red carpet appearence at the 2023 Grammy® Awards. The Celebrity singer expressed gratitude towards the fans that brought her into the spotlight and stated that she is entering a new chapter in her life post-COVID. Meredith O’Connor shared how the strong response of fans when she broke out onto the scene is what made it possible to positively influence the landscape on advocacy in the music industry.

“Before we knew how new songs with those themes would be received in 2013, we did not expect the outpour and response we got. Because of the fans, we all got to see that using your platform to inspire others can lead to global movements and international positive change beyond any of our expectations. I’m so grateful that being a pop singer allowed for that realization. However, during lockdown, I wanted to educate myself on ways to provide mental health resources and education to empower and remind fans what they have shown me, that You Are Not Alone. I am so thrilled to announce that I am relaunching the “You Are Not Alone” campaign and school assemblies with a expanded global program. This will kick off on May 30th with NYC schools and expand globally in the Fall.” the pop star shared on May 7th. 

The school program is an expansion of the award winning assemblies done on her “You Are Not Alone” tour as well as it’s digital transition during COVID to the global star studded campaign. The program will focus on providing students with tools to navigate feelings of low self esteem and isolation, mental health issues that often a result bullying. 

The “You Are Not Alone” program will include an assembly, interactive activities, and educational resources with evidence based and clinically informed materials. Each district will invite a public figure connected to the community to participate in the assembly.

The assembly will include an interactive opportunity for select students to perform “You Are Not Alone” with global music stars. The program will also provide an opportunity for students to empower each other and foster meaningful connection. Meredith O’Connor then debuted some of the clinically informed resources to the audience at UC Irvine. 

While no statements about a return to music were made, she did share that she plans to continue involvement in the entertainment industry to “continue to encourage positive change”. She then attended the shared that she will be a part of the upcoming “Hollywood and Mind” launch on May 11th to speak on a call to action for mental health advocacy in the entertainment industry as well as how her work 

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