Nifty Golf Reveals the Most Popular Golf Club Brands and Models Used by Pro Tour Golfers

May 09 10:06 2023
Titleist is named the top brand that PGA Pro golfer users by a recent study from Nifty Golf. The study reveals the most popular golf club brands and models pro tour golfers use. They also found that most golfers use at least five golf irons in their bags, and hybrid clubs are replacing 3-irons. The research offers more valuable insights for golfers looking to choose the right golf clubs and enjoy golf.

A recent study conducted by the Nifty Golf Team has provided exciting insights into what golf clubs pro tour golfers use. The study was conducted based on verified data from several resources in the field of golf about professional golfers on the PGA Tour. 

Nifty Golf is a blog where a team of golf enthusiasts publishes resources like training guides, product reviews, and statistical data about golf.

The team analyzed and collected the last 4 years of data, from 2019 to 2023, to determine the most popular golf club brands, models, and shafts professional golfers use. The study found top golfers tend to use different brands of golf clubs. However, pro golfers prefer to pick the best for each shot, no matter which brand it represents. Moreover, some golfers use different golf clubs for the same type of clubs, such as Irons, wedges, and woods. 

The study found Titleist as the most popular golf club brand considering all types of clubs. While TaylorMade, Callaway, and PING are competing intensely in each category. Besides, the survey found that most golfers use at least five golf irons in their bags. The 9-iron and 7-iron are common among them. In comparison, most golfers replace their 3-iron with a hybrid or 3-wood. Interestingly, pro golfers carry hybrid golf clubs as a replacement for iron or wood. 

The study also analyzed the preferences of professional golfers based on their playing style. It was found that most professional golfers prefer a driver with a loft of 9-10 degrees. Furthermore, Not just the clubs; they researched the golf club shafts and golf balls as well. 

The ultimate study on what golf clubs pro golfers use offers a detailed analysis of the choices of pro golfers about their golf clubs. It provides valuable information for amateur and professional golfers looking to improve their game and choose the right golf clubs that suit their playing style.

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