Finding a Surrogate Is Made Easier with Online Matching Services

May 09 18:24 2023
An online matching service connects Intended Parents with US-based surrogates to offer a more affordable and accessible surrogacy option, streamlining the matching process.

Surrogacy has become an increasingly sought-after option for couples or individuals who are unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy to term. According to recent statistics, the demand for surrogacy in the United States has been on the rise in recent years, with an estimated 5,000 babies born through surrogacy in 2019 alone. Looking for a surrogate, however, can be a complex process. A growing number of Intended Parents (IPs) need assistance finding a surrogate. Many are reluctant to sign expensive exclusivity contracts with surrogacy agencies that may or may not have a qualified match for them.

Surrogacy Place is a revolutionary online service that connects Intended Parents with US-based surrogates via a self-matching platform, eliminating the costly fees that surrogacy agencies charge. Surrogacy agencies provide matching services while legal and medical services are always provided by separate professionals. Surrogacy Place offers a streamlined self-matching and self-managed approach that is significantly cheaper, faster, and more efficient than using a surrogacy agency.

Historically, matching without an agency happened via word-of-mouth, postings in social media or online groups, and print advertising. Surrogacy Place is an easier method. Surrogacy Place allows anyone interested in independent surrogacy to create a profile for potential matches.

Surrogacy Place users must go through an ID-verification process to prevent identity impersonation. Users of the site can have confidence in the knowledge that they know who they are talking to and that the surrogate users of the site are US-based where commercial surrogacy is legal and regulated. Whether someone seeking a surrogacy arrangement is using an agency or not, they are solely responsible for their own due diligence. Using a surrogacy agency does not guarantee a more successful surrogacy arrangement or more rigorous vetting. Only qualified medical and legal professionals can warrant a surrogate is fit to carry on behalf of others.

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Surrogacy Place’s mission is to create more affordable and accessible surrogacy. Additionally, removing agency matching fees allows more of the available compensation to go to the surrogate directly. Without the influence of an agency, surrogates are free to voice their terms directly.

Because surrogacy laws vary by state, Intended Parents can consult Surrogacy Place’s state-by-state comparison guide when choosing the best states for surrogacy. Currently, residents of Michigan, Louisiana, and Nebraska may not register as surrogates on the site due to legal restrictions. New York-based surrogates are also not able to register at this time. Intended Parents and surrogates are always encouraged to consult with surrogacy-specializing legal professionals to understand local requirements.

While surrogacy can be a complex and emotional process, it can also be a life-changing opportunity for Intended Parents and surrogates alike. With a dedication to helping families achieve their dreams of parenthood as well as helping surrogates realize their goal of carrying a pregnancy on behalf of others, Surrogacy Place is a trusted platform in the emerging field of family building via advances in assisted-reproductive technology.

About the Company:

Surrogacy Place is an innovative online matching service that connects Intended Parents with US-based surrogates. The platform provides a more affordable and accessible surrogacy option by cutting out the high fees and limited pool of candidates provided by surrogacy agencies. Surrogacy Place streamlines the matching process to help both parties find the right match based on their preferred criteria. Surrogacy Place is committed to making the surrogacy journey easier for everyone involved while being focused on safety. All site users must go through a government-ID verification process. Surrogacy Place understands the importance of due diligence and recommends all Intended Parents and surrogates use qualified medical and legal professionals to assist in the vetting process during matching and throughout the subsequent phases of a surrogacy journey.

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