New novel “A Winter in April” by Derrick Logan is released, an adventurous romance of heartbreak, happiness, and chance encounters that alter the course of destiny

May 09 23:22 2023
New novel "A Winter in April" by Derrick Logan is released, an adventurous romance of heartbreak, happiness, and chance encounters that alter the course of destiny

“A Winter in April” by Derrick Logan has been released worldwide. This 145-page novel follows the tumultuous romance of April and Justin, who feel a powerful connection after a chance meeting, but are pulled apart by the circumstances of their lives.

April fears relationships and feels alone after losing her mother, all while contending with the toxic and abusive Jake, an addict ex-boyfriend that won’t let her go. Justin is obsessed with his career, disconnected from others, and suffering from his own family trauma that makes him resistant to relationships as well.

The pair shares an undeniable spark, but their baggage and extreme differences keep pulling them apart. As the story unfolds, the characters have to face their demons and admit that they’ve both found a love that will change the course of their lives forever.

In this unflinching novel, which sways from inspiring to heart-wrenching, Logan explores the numerous factors that bring couples together – and push them apart. The thought-provoking characters reflect real people with real issues, and their blossoming romance is anything but cookie-cutter.

An emotional rollercoaster that prompts readers to evaluate their own relationships, missed connections, and reasons for resisting love, the novel offers a view of star-crossed love that is as complex and unpredictable as life itself.

A Winter in April (ISBN: 9781960142405) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The paperback retails for $16.99. Review copies and interviews are available upon request.

From the back cover:

In a world full of chaotic escapades April struggles to find herself as the delusion of time plays with everyone that’s around her life. Her world turned upside down with the tragic death of her mother and will she ever survive? Will she be able to get through the day all alone fighting for her freedom?

Surreal life of Justin pinch him with a glimpse of chaos leading him to make direct decisions that would jeopardize his career and his personal life. For someone who had been living alone and a self-made billionaire, will he alter his agenda for what’s coming his way as he rides along the road called Life?

Will they cross paths and meet halfway through their lives? The search for the other half of your soul begins here and it is not just a dream. You shall meet the one you seek if you know what you’re looking for!

Life is indeed twisted and full of unexpected mysteries but as you unfold life wouldn’t it be less messy if you have the “ONE” right next to you, nurturing every breath all the way through in the happiness and sickness till the death part us all?

Embrace the unexpected and the adventurous romantic story of two beautiful people roaming the world alone and remember, “SOMETIMES CHAOS LEADS US TO FINDING LOVE.”

About the author:

Derrick Logan writes books based on suspense, romance, drama and self-help. His books are extremely intimate, refreshing and personal.

Derrick developed his passion for writing as a young boy in the city of Chicago on the South Side where dealings with gang members, mobsters and religious individuals were all a part of everyday life. This helped embody his writings and creative ideas, based on real events. He believed the written word would give a vast insight into his life growing up on the South Side of Chicago and tempt the curiosity.

Derrick considers his faith and family to be most important to him. If he isn’t spending time with his friends and family, you can almost always find him around his loving Schnauzer pup.

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