Viktor Martynov presented an innovative IT solution for the purchase and sale of aircraft

May 10 15:54 2023
Viktor Martynov presented an innovative IT solution for the purchase and sale of aircraft
Viktor Martynov

Talented programmer Viktor Martynov presented a new IT platform for buying and selling aircraft. The specialist presented the solution online on his linkedin page

According to Victor, the aircraft purchase and sale market is flooded with random requests today and this repels professional players, and discourages potential buyers. Therefore, it was decided to create a marketplace that unites specialized market players. The startup developed by Viktor Martynov will help potential buyers quickly and in one place to get the necessary information online. The project was named Aviamarket Aero.

“This need has recently increased due to the growing interest in aviation from a new generation of buyers. In a society where the desire for instant gratification prevails, details are needed here and now. Existing players and online platforms are coordinated by conservative people who don’t take the younger generation seriously. However, these people need personal air transport and have earned their wealth with the help of modern technologies: IT entrepreneurs, startup founders, cryptocurrency investors and others,” thus Viktor Martynov explained the need to create the Aviamarket Aero project.

The IT platform will allow users to select the desired aircraft, specify the cost of financing, calculate the schedule of monthly payments, choose an insurance policy, find a suitable place to store the aircraft and choose a company for maintenance. The creation of an IT platform will lead to a reduction in the number of so-called “empty” requests, which will save time for sellers of aviation equipment and facilitate the purchase process for potential buyers.

“The private aviation market has faced a number of problems that have led to a growing need for a specialized market. A modern IT project for the purchase and sale of aircraft is an online platform where sellers and buyers can meet and make deals. This tool will be useful to all market participants: buyers of new formations who put forward their demands, sellers working with verified requests, service providers for financing transactions with aircraft and other aviation companies,” Viktor Martynov said.

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