Tik Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.: Providing Quality Products with State-of-the-Art CNC Equipment

May 11 17:00 2023

Are you in search of a reliable and highly efficient precision machining services company? Look no further than Tik Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. With state-of-the-art CNC 5 axis equipment, this company has revolutionized the production process to provide quality products that exceed customer expectations. Whether it’s for aerospace, automotive, medical or any other industry, Tik Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ensures precision and accuracy with every product they produce. So sit back and discover why Tik Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is your go-to solution for all your manufacturing needs!

Introducing Tik Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Tik precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2018 with a plant area of 8,000 square meters. With more than 50 sets of well-equipped domestic and foreign advanced CNC equipment, we established a strict production and quality management system, and has a team of skilled technicians. Combined with industry-leading equipment and technology, comprehensive professional knowledge, good coordination and communication ability, we are able to grasp the customer’s product design, development and production requirements in depth and accurately.

Benefits of Precision machining sevices

CNC precision machining offers many benefits over traditional manufacturing methods. With 5 axis cnc machining, manufacturers can produce parts with greater accuracy and repeatability. In addition, 5 axis machining can be used to create complex shapes and geometries that would be difficult or impossible to produce using traditional methods.

Precision machining services also offers significant advantages in terms of cost and lead time. Compared to traditional manufacturing methods, CNC precision machining is typically faster and more efficient. This can lead to significant savings in both time and money for manufacturers. In addition, CNC machines are often able to run for longer periods of time without needing to be shut down for maintenance, which further reduces costs.

Types of CNC Machines Used

Tik Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. offers a variety of state-of-the-art CNC machines to provide quality products for their customers. The different types of CNC machines used include:

1. 5 Axis Machining Centers: These are large, expensive machines that are used for high precision work. They have a variety of tooling options and can be used for complicated operations such as contouring and 3D machining.

2. CNC turning: These machines are used to create cylindrical parts and have a wide range of tooling options. They can be either manual or CNC operated.

3. CNC Milling: For precision machining service, you can trust our ISO 9001-certified company. Our precision CNC milling is accurate and reliable, meeting the exacting standards of industries such as aerospace, automotive, marine and medical. We offer 24/7 engineering support year-round

4. Compressor wheel machining: Our Compressor wheel and integral impeller discs offer superior performance and reliability. With the ability to handle aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and high-temperature alloy materials, our precision and accuracy machining services guarantee a final product with tight tolerances and precision.

Quality Assurance Processes Utilized

Examples of Products Manufactured with 5 axis cnc machining

Assuming the reader has a basic understanding of CNC equipment, this section will provide specific examples of products that can be manufactured using this type of machinery.

Some common items that are produced with CNC equipment include:

– Automotive parts

– Aerospace components

– Medical devices

– Electronics

– Consumer goods

CNC precision machining services has revolutionized manufacturing and allows for greater precision and accuracy than ever before. This type of machinery is essential for producing high quality products in many industries.

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