CoachU is fixing the teen coaching experience for families and giving college athletes a way to earn

May 15 14:51 2023

CoachU is changing the way coaching and mentorship exist today for teenage athletes. CoachU makes coaching modern and relatable by connecting young athletes to inspiring college athletes and creating a coaching plan leveraging college athletes experiences. CoachU enables today’s college athletes to empower the next generation of athletes, on and off the field.

CoachU created a platform, taking advantage of the new Name, Image and Likeness (“NIL”) laws, that connects college student athletes (“coaches”) to younger athletes. Coaches provide digital mentorship and coaching to unlock young athletes’ potential on and off the field.

 CoachU’s launch targets 3 user-groups:

  1. College athletes looking to monetize their personal brand without leveraging corporations;
  2. Young athletes seeking support from someone who has recently achieved their goals
  3. Parents & guardians looking for a flexible and transparent coaching experience for their child

“Coaching hasn’t really changed in the past 20 years,” said Adrian Levitt, Founder and CEO of CoachU, “it’s still a function of where you live, who you know and what you can afford. It’s not flexible, the process isn’t measurable and it is stressful for parents and their children.”

CoachU addresses the gaps in traditional coaching by:

–  Providing teens unlimited access to inspiring, relatable coaches

–  Creating, tracking and measuring goals (KPIs) rather than end results

–  Providing progress updates to parents

–  Creating customized plans for each athletes unique journey

CoachU’s aim is to simplify the coaching experience and remove as many barriers as possible.

“The onboarding process is simple,” explains Adrian, “we work with you to understand your needs. We detail your skills, goals and background to best pair you with the athlete or coach who will best unlock your potential – regardless of where they are physically.”

Once paired, coaches work with athletes to build a plan centered around a ‘North Star Goal’. Coaches have weekly touchpoints with their athletes and an open line of communication to provide motivation, reassurance, and more. CoachU works with existing coaches/support systems to ensure alignment on coaching plans. Families will meet with CoachU and their coach on a monthly basis to ensure the entire process is going well.

Due to overwhelming demand from college athletes, parents, and teenagers, CoachU is rapidly expanding to serve all sports; however, people may be put on a short waitlist before joining.

Early Reviews: 

After launching in 2022 CoachU has received a positive reception from its first users. “I can just take out my phone while traveling to a game or between classes and make money doing something I enjoy and am good at,” said Anders, a rising junior on the Stanford tennis team. “At first I was skeptical of the digital experience, but I signed on because my son was so excited.

Now, I’ve seen meaningful progress and the enthusiasm has been sustained, so I couldn’t be happier,” said a CoachU Beta Parent. Another Beta Parent said, “CoachU provided a great structure to ensure the program went smoothly. We’ve seen milestone breakthroughs like winning our first L6 tournament and improving consistency. Overall I’m very pleased with CoachU and having a mentor and coach has inspired my Son to give his best and be like his mentor!”

About CoachU, Inc.:

To learn more about CoachU visit their website here. To sign up for CoachU directly fill out this form.

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