BMASTV – Empowering Viewers as Protagonists of Film and Television Marketing

May 16 04:24 2023

In recent years, as the film and television market has experienced rapid growth, the complexity of marketing strategies has also increased. Major film and television companies and production studios are constantly exploring new marketing models and approaches, aiming to seize a competitive advantage in the market. However, with the rise of social media and increased user engagement, the pain points of film and television marketing have become more prominent: false evaluations and fraudulent activities, such as fake reviews and artificially inflated ratings, have become a malignant tumor within the industry.


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In light of this situation, how can we truly make viewers the protagonists of film and television marketing? How can we ensure their voices are genuinely heard and become the market’s guiding force? BMASTV platform has emerged as a response, bringing forth new perspectives and solutions for the film and television marketing industry.

By establishing a decentralized social media platform, BMASTV enables viewers’ evaluations and word-of-mouth to truly become vital references within the film and television market, allowing them to reap benefits from their contributions. Through the creation of an independent evaluation system, every user can provide authentic feedback after watching a film or TV show and receive corresponding rewards.

Furthermore, BMASTV has established partnerships with major film and television companies and production studios, promoting and publicizing their works on the platform. During the promotion process, the platform selectively filters films and highlights exceptional works for focused recommendations. Additionally, BMASTV has collaborated with various social media platforms, leveraging their influence to further promote outstanding film and television productions, reaching a wider audience.

Through these collaborative efforts, BMASTV achieves a triple win for users, clients (film and television companies or production studios), and the platform itself. Users engage in evaluations and receive corresponding rewards, while film and television companies or production studios benefit from increased exposure and box office revenue generated through the platform’s promotion. Simultaneously, the platform gains revenue and influence through diverse partnerships. This model not only ensures fairness and transparency in film and television marketing but also places viewers as the true protagonists and beneficiaries of the industry.

Notably, BMASTV has obtained the esteemed FinCEN MSB license in the United States, guaranteeing a safer and legally compliant service that safeguards users’ funds and personal information. This license serves as a testament to the platform’s compliance and professionalism, earning the trust of both users and clients.

In the future, as blockchain technology continues to evolve, BMASTV platform is poised to further enhance its evaluation system, enabling more efficient and secure data storage and exchange, as well as a fairer reward distribution mechanism. Additionally, BMASTV will continue its collaboration with major film and television companies and production studios, releasing a greater number of exceptional productions and disseminating them through various channels to reach a broader audience. With the driving force of BMASTV, film and television marketing is expected to progress towards a more equitable, transparent, efficient, and mutually beneficial direction, empowering every film and television viewer to become a pillar of the industry.

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