Former CIA Officer’s New Novel ‘Beneath the Purple Dawn’ Takes Readers on a High-Stakes Adventure into the Heart of Geopolitical Tensions

May 16 05:24 2023
Former CIA Officer's New Novel 'Beneath the Purple Dawn' Takes Readers on a High-Stakes Adventure into the Heart of Geopolitical Tensions

Espionage thriller meets geopolitics in the latest release from former CIA intelligence officer Brett Andrew Strange. “Beneath the Purple Dawn” is a gripping sequel to his debut novel, Against the Dusk, and promises to take readers on a thrilling ride through the worlds of shifting global power politics and illicit weapons deals.

In “Beneath the Purple Dawn,” readers follow the indomitable Iraq War veteran Paul Drake as he and Russian art dealer Katya Volkova navigate a dangerous game of cat and mouse to ferret out Russian-backed arms dealer Bogan Zoidze. From war-torn Syria to the posh avenues of Paris, ancient Black Sea ports, and hidden island retreats in Malta and Sicily, Drake and Volkova face danger at every turn as they confront a world rife with political corruption, espionage, and violence.

According to Strange, the book is targeted toward readers of thriller fiction and those interested in geopolitics. “Most likely the readers are men, but also, I’m hoping to have female readers too as one of the main characters is a woman,” he says.

The book has already received high praise from Kirkus Reviews, which hailed it as a “crisp, energetic sequel anchored by action, intrigue, and a resilient pair of charming heroes.” The review noted that the book excels at international intrigue and plot points that overflow with bloodshed, obfuscation, and deadly, double-crossing villains. Strange’s expertise in intelligence tradecraft and his intimate knowledge of geopolitical realities lend the narrative a level of authenticity that makes the story even more compelling.

Beneath the Purple Dawn” is a thought-provoking and contemporary thriller that tackles some of the most pressing issues of our time. Readers will be riveted by the taut, vivid drama and will come away with a deeper understanding of the complex geopolitical landscape in which we live.

Beneath the Purple Dawn” is now available for purchase on Amazon and other major book retailers.

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