Active Study at the Forefront of the Return of International Students to Australia

May 16 04:10 2023

PERTH, AUSTRALIA – May 16, 2023 – After over two years of border closures and a world which has now changed forever, international students are beginning to study abroad again. Many industries suffered from the effects of COVID-19, but few more than the international education sector. 

The pandemic forced a reconsideration of how international education will operate in the near and long term, with many key stakeholders scrambling to find alternative education consultancy firms like Active Study.

Active Study helps students study towards permanent residency in Australia. Today, it has declared its reinforced stand to help international students study abroad post-pandemic.

James McNess, Founder of Active Study.

Education consultants play an important role in the success of both students and institutions, and they will be key to the revival of international education. Active Study fast established and implemented an improved style of international education counselling, which is resonating with students around the globe. 

The emerging education consultancy firm pivoted to take a tech-based approach to counsel students, while remaining close to their core value of goal-orientated advice. Focusing on custom-made software designed to provide a more seamless and results-focused process for international students. With a tailored course and institution analysis, and streamlined enrolment capabilities, Active Study’s students are now finding it much easier to secure their place in their dreams. 

Since implementation, their industry-leading strategies have increased the efficiency of both Active Study and students in helping achieve their study goals. Director and Founder, James McNess, says “Our move from traditional education counselling, often face-to-face, inefficient and immutable, has been met with great reception by our students.” McNess also touched on the fundamental success of the changes. “This has allowed us to truly expand our reach globally. Location binds many agencies, language, or culture, but we have developed the ability to transcend those issues and provide access to a world-class education regardless of typical limiting factors.”

It is common to see that a focus on technology leads to reduced customer service and client outcomes. Active Study has successfully implemented its strategies to genuinely further the interests of its students and the company. 

With short-term plans to begin assisting students to study in the United Kingdom and North America, it appears this is just the beginning for Active Study.

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