The Role Of Glacial Acetic Acid In Printing And Dyeing Why Printing And Dyeing To Add Glacial Acetic Acid

May 17 21:42 2023

The Role Of Glacial Acetic Acid In Printing And Dyeing Why Printing And Dyeing To Add Glacial Acetic Acid

Today Xiaobian to talk to you about our glacial acetic acid and printing have to say things.

Many people do not know what printing and dyeing is, which is also called dyeing and finishing. It is a kind of pre-processing way of cloth, mainly printing in the cloth we use in daily life. And in the printing and dyeing process, we usually use ice sour vinegar. So what is iced vinegar? Glacial vinegar is also known as acetic acid, also known as acetic acid, it is an organic monic acid, is the main component of the daily use of vinegar. At room temperature, its freezing point is 16.6℃, and it will become a colorless crystal after solidification.

So why do we use glacial acetic acid in the printing and dyeing process? The reason of printing and dyeing using glacial acetic acid? Why add glacial acetic acid in printing and dyeing process? This is because when we are printing and dyeing, the pH value of disperse dye polyester should be between 4-6, so we need to use glacial acetic acid to dilute the dye. For example, when we are printing and dyeing, the dyeing water is 4 tons, so we need to add 1000 milliliters of glacial acetic acid to adjust the pH value between 4-6.

This adjustment can help us to stabilize the stability of the dye to a large extent, and avoid the problem of confusing the color when we print. But in recent years, the development of the printing and dyeing industry has been attached great importance by the government and the textile industry, and the technological transformation of the printing and dyeing industry has been included in one of the key support industries of the textile industry, so the dyeing means of the industry has been largely improved, I believe that with the development of science and continuous improvement, We can certainly use scientific means to overcome the printing and dyeing industry difficult to solve the pH value problem.

It can be known that at present, we have used scientific means to appear modern electronic technology and automation technology, biotechnology and other high technology as the means of coating printing and dyeing industry. Water-free or water-less printing technologies, such as micro-suspension printing, transfer printing and digital printing, which are common in production, have greatly accelerated the research and development and production efficiency of ecological textiles and functional textiles. To a large extent, the printing and dyeing industry pollution control, from the end of the treatment to the source of prevention.

But relative to the ancient printing and dyeing method in our country, the modern science and technology of printing and dyeing has lost the setting principle of the ancient method, good color fastness, and the advantages of not fading. But we believe that in the rapid development of science, we will overcome these difficulties, and obtain a good printing and dyeing method. Combining the traditional printing and dyeing technology with the modern printing and dyeing technology, taking the essence and eliminating the dross, to get the advanced technical means, and to achieve remarkable industrial results.

This is today Xiaobian to share with you about the relevant knowledge of glacial acetic acid, I hope to help you.

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