Dr. Susan Mallett’s In Plain Sight Delves into the Impact of War, Pandemic, and Prominent Deaths in 2022

May 18 06:21 2023
Dr. Susan Mallett's In Plain Sight Delves into the Impact of War, Pandemic, and Prominent Deaths in 2022

Dr. Susan Mallett has recently released a fascinating book titled In Plain Sight. The book will captivate the minds and hearts of young journalists and historians as it analyzes all the events that went down in 2022. She wants to share her perspective about how the information we receive may not be the complete truth.

In Plain Sight offers a compelling and insightful look at the events of 2022, with a unique perspective from a British point of view. It is a must-read for anyone interested in politics, international relations, and the forces that shape our world today.

This book is for teachers to review and understand the topics they plan to discuss in their university classes. This book is for historians who may want to change their view on where their country is headed when they find out how governments everywhere have learned that fear and censorship work. This book is for politicians to know that the people are more vigilant than before.  

Throughout the book, Dr Mallettexplains in detail her particular wayof making sense of current affairs and all the material she collected. There is a lesson for every reader as they read along the way. This book provides a fresh and different perspective on the events we all lived through during 2022.  

In Plain Sight is a book about everything that happened in 2022 in the political world on a global scale. It connects many of the dots to see the bigger picture in order to understand how the chaos and uncertainty of a world still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic upended lives around the world.

Dr. Susan Mallett discusses the year 2022 – a year of turmoil and transformation in great detail. Her writing offers a unique perspective on the events of 2022, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the impact of the Ukranian war, the after effects of the pandemic, and prominent deaths on our lives and the world as we know it. I’m not sure this last paragraph is necessary as it is a summary of all of the above

About the Author

Dr. Susan Mallett is a retired consultant anesthetist who formerly worked in a London teaching hospital. This book is her first published book, although she has previously published many medical papers in the scientific literature. This book synthesizes contemporaneous notes she made as events evolved throughout 2022.

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Author Name: Dr. Susan Mallett
ISBN Number: 978-1916540262
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