World Pay Token Unveils Revolutionary Cryptographic Proof Tech to Deliver Secure Direct Payment System

May 18 13:36 2023
New decentralized payment platform is defining the future of ecommerce

The team at World Pay Token is pleased to announce their payment platform, which is poised to shatter the traditions of decentralized direct payments with revolutionary, streamlined utlities.

World Pay Token is a secure decentralized payment system that will allow direct transactions without a third party. Some of the groundbreaking utlities this new system will feature include a WPAY P2P exchange for peer-to-peer exchanges without any middlemen; WPAY wallet with 2FA for securely storing and managing crypto; WPAY P2P Launchpad for releasing new projects for decentralized, community processes; WPAY blockchain with smart contract capability; the WPAY debit card for spending crypto in the real world; and token listings on 100+ exchanges.

“World Pay Token will provide a powerful connection between the real and virtual worlds, integrating our two universes to forge a new frontier of opportunity for anyone and everyone who dreams of holding up the peer to peer community,” said a spokesperson for World Pay Token.

With no government or corporate interference, people around the world will soon be able to fully benefit from World Pay Token’s innovative platform. Users will receive rewards in their wallets, just for being token holders, and these token holders will never need to worry about volatile APYs.

The World Pay Token roadmap started with the launch of an exclusive white paper, the company’s website, and the World Pay Token social media profiles. This month, seed sales have been underway, and public sale is slated for May 24 through June 14, 2023. DEX listing is scheduled for June 22, 2023. Other exciting events include giveaways, major exchange listings, partnerships, and the launch of the WPAY debit card. “Join us for the future of online commerce by getting involved in what we see as common man crypto,” said the team at World Pay Token.

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World Pay Token is a secure decentralized payment system allowing direct transactions without a third party. Follow World Pay Token on social media:

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