Pranav Arora’s Investments Have Yielded Considerable Returns, Making Him One Of The Most Successful Venture Capitalists In The World

May 18 15:42 2023
Spiraling his way to the top in the business world with his innate ideas and strategies has been an ace investor, venture capitalist, and serial entrepreneur, Pranav Arora.

Pranav Arora's Success

We have seen and heard about many entrepreneurs and businessmen who have tasted a lot of success in their business enterprise. But how often have we seen the next gen entrepreneurs changing the landscape of the business world with their new fresh ideas, initiatives, strategies, and imperatives. The trends and times are now changing drastically, and we see a flurry of new professionals turning every obstacle into a golden opportunity and overcoming many challenges to emerge victorious. The last decade or so has seen many new startups and businesses and have totally flooded the current markets. The advent of technology has been the fuel force adding more speed to the very increasing developments. One such ace entrepreneur who has emerged as a true winner by overcoming many challenges is Pranav Arora.

Pranav is a passionate and driven millennial entrepreneur born in 1995 in the US. He started his professional journey at mere 16 years of age with a vision of making it big in the business realm. Little did he know that one day he would establish himself as one of the best entrepreneurs not only in the US but also around the world. At 16 years, he launched his first company, which he took toward being a million-dollar business. While in middle school, he had started his first company, purchasing packets of gum and pencils and selling them to his friends in between lessons. This gave him the actual understanding of starting and running a business. His first business, Highly Educated, was about selling smoking-related products and accessories, which include hookahs, incense, and stash jars. During his high school, Pranav Arora expanded his business and then decided to drop out to pursue his passion for running businesses. He massively expanded his company Highly Educated into a million-dollar business and then sold the company after a few years of expansion to follow many of his other interests in business.

Today Pranav dons many hats on his head, he is a serial entrepreneur, investor, venture capitalist, speaker, and Philanthropist. Pranav is named among “Ten of the Most Brilliant Minds in Finance today” by The Finance Post and is the CEO of JMTD Holdings and the Head of Division at Just Funky. He is also the founder of Stunned Mind, which he launched in 2015 as the sister e-commerce company of Just Funky, and which is already on its way to becoming a top company in the niche. Just Funky also powers two companies in the FinTech space, Deciph-AR and NFT Merch. Pranav Arora is a partner at a number of companies, including ILG Property Investors and PSSR Holdings.

Pranav feels that he still has a long way to go in the business world and wishes to untapped many more territories and opportunities going forward. About Pranav Arora:It’s not every day that you meet an entrepreneur that catches your attention. The term is used so ubiquitously that it can sound common, but that is not the case when it comes to Pranav Arora. Pranav Arora is an entrepreneur with heart, one who knew what he wanted from a young age. He found university to be a distraction from his business endeavors, so he quit, knowing he could do things his own way and get better and even quicker results. To fast-track his entrepreneurial path he dropped out after his first semester to focus all his energy on building his first million dollar business, but did he succeed? We’ll get to that. It was at a middle school recess where Pranav first started displaying his entrepreneurial spirit; selling gum and pencils to classmates. His penchant for business only intensified at the young age of 16 when his parents started their own business, Just Funky, a licensing and merchandising company. It quickly became a family affair and Pranav found himself learning on the fly while heavily assisting his parents in their fledgling endeavor. Through commitment and perseverance they grew Just Funky to be a powerhouse of a business, garnering deals with A-list clients and well-known pop culture brands from around the world. It was after seeing the fast-paced growth of Just Funky that Pranav felt the calling to start his first solo venture, Highly Educated. He was still in high school at the time and continued growing the business as he started university. It was then that he realized focusing on his business would get him to his goals faster than having his time spent on studies. He knew that he needed to put his energy into his work if he wanted it to succeed so he dropped out of university. His parents were not impressed.

Pranav’s faith in himself paid off though and it worked out. Highly Educated became a million dollar business within a few short years. Eventually Arora sold Highly Educated to focus his energy elsewhere on new projects and challenges, but the sweet taste of success of his first solo project left a strong impression. His next venture became the sister company to Just Funky. Stunned Mind is a strictly e-commerce business providing collectors and enthusiasts with unique specialty items they can’t find anywhere else. With multiple businesses launched, it becomes easy to see that Pranav is not the average entrepreneur, he is someone who was born for this. He has a passion for strategizing, pivoting, and achieving. It’s rare to find someone who knows their strengths at such a young age, and even more uncommon for that individual to know what they want. Just another difference that separates Pranav from the pack, he saw what he was good at and pursued, not wanting to miss the opportunity. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart and that’s exactly what Pranav loves about it. In particular he loves the problem solving aspects that naturally come with the territory. Between that and his desire to continue innovating, he’s an asset to any business. His positive approach to even the more difficult aspects of entrepreneurship is what makes him a true maverick of the industry. Needless to say, Pranav has built up quite a global reputation as someone who is ready to innovate and take things to the next level. His open-mindedness allows him to be a team player, while also having the leadership skills necessary to steer an upstart toward success. After being a major part of the reason Just Funky became so successful, he is now the Head of Division for the entire company. Simultaneously, he runs Stunned Mind, while venturing into both real estate and finance. Arora is an integral part of the leadership team of JMTD Holdings, a private equity fund that was recently named one of Columbus’ most prestigious due to growth and transactions completed. Now Pranav is putting his knowledge and experience to use, by sitting on the board for JMTD helping others who are trying to succeed where he already has. It’s not just about business for Arora though.

As you may have guessed, he has wisdom beyond his 24 years of age. It reminds him of the true satisfaction to be found in helping others and giving back. Given his experience Pranav is a beacon to young entrepreneurs who aspire to his levels of success. He is often quoted for his encouraging and inspiring words, known for his “never give up” mindset. Not simply in business is he prepared to give back, but in the community as well. Once he reached a sphere of influence that allowed him to consider his philanthropic endeavors, Pranav realized how much he could help others. Not just by example, but in a real way, through his foundations; Just Funky Foundation and the Arora Foundation. It might seem that Pranav has enough going on that he rarely has time for anything but work and giving back, but it is his ability to prioritize that allows him to achieve so much. He understands that having his priorities in order gives him the opportunity to achieve success in all areas of his life. He attributes much of his success to a focused but balanced life. Proper nutrition, time spent with family, getting enough sleep; these are the foundations on which he builds his life and business prowess.

Clearly Pranav is just getting started, even though he’s already achieved more in a decade than some achieve in a lifetime. Having garnered business experience in a few of the core industries early on, he has positioned himself as a key player in the future of e-commerce, finance, real estate, and entrepreneurship. Through passion, patience, and grit Arora has shown up for himself and others, whether in the boardroom or in the community. A testament to his character and clearly demonstrating that he lives his motto, “you can achieve anything at any age”.

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