The Spoism e-commerce platform has reached a strategic cooperation with the digital intelligent overseas warehouse distribution service platform

May 19 02:36 2023

According to media reports, recently, Spoism, a well-known American e-commerce platform and supply chain technology provider, has reached a strategic cooperation with an internationally renowned digital intelligent overseas warehouse distribution service platform. At the same time, it will open a second distribution center in Sydney to strengthen warehouse and labor operations.

The Spoism e-commerce platform was established in Arizona, USA in 2018. It mainly deals in 3C electronics, household goods, toys, fashion apparel, sports and outdoors and other categories. After several years of development, it has successfully launched online e-commerce business in Indonesia, Singapore, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina and other countries, serving nearly 600 million consumers, and will continue to carry out online e-commerce business in many European countries in the future. In 2021, the Spoism e-commerce platform reached a cooperation with OpenSky, and obtained OpenSky’s capital investment of 1 billion US dollars. At the same time, it received support from OpenSky’s experience in platform operation, warehousing, and logistics management. With the continuous development of the Spoism e-commerce platform We have accumulated rich and excellent experience in cross-border logistics services, and formed a standardized quality management system and a modern enterprise operation and management model. In the whole process of cross-border e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce logistics is the most difficult problem. For the cross-border e-commerce industry, logistics has become the biggest problem for all e-commerce industries.

The Spoism platform currently designs and deploys a warehouse management system (WMS) and workforce management solutions to support its high-volume e-commerce business. This cooperation will be more perfect for configuring and deploying these two systems.

Spoism said that it is looking forward to this cooperation to help improve their warehouse and labor management, so that their customers can enjoy an easy and convenient e-commerce shopping experience.

It is understood that by deploying the Blue Yonder solution, Spoism will be able to improve customer service by increasing the efficiency and flexibility of warehouse operations; provide stability and scalability through solutions; reduce service costs, and provide customers with lower prices and faster deliveries; improve employee performance.

Dominic Hansen, head of logistics at Spoism Australia, said that currently we plan to open a second distribution center to better serve our customers, and we know we need to upgrade our WMS and system solutions. Through blue yonder, we can continue to implement the customer first strategy, providing faster delivery and lower commodity prices to customers in need.

Spoism has reached a strategic cooperation with the digital intelligent overseas warehouse distribution service platform this time, and will work together to create a controllable and stable overseas warehouse ecosystem for cross-border sellers. This move further meets the needs of merchants and consumers for faster logistics and timeliness certainty, provides global consumers with a faster shopping experience, and can also promote sellers and users to increase conversion rates and achieve business growth. The digital intelligent overseas warehouse service platform uses a light model to connect global warehouses, and uses big data algorithms and intelligent warehouse distribution to bring inventory closer to end consumers, predict and assist customers in deciding which warehouses to store goods in and which warehouses to send orders from. At present, this business service has realized the radiation of warehouses in the United States. Through big data intelligent warehouse distribution, it can realize the delivery of the nearest delivery, the last mile quick delivery, faster timeliness, and can reduce logistics costs and improve the shopping experience of end consumers.

The mission of the Spoism cross-border e-commerce platform is to enable people all over the world to better understand Internet shopping and buy global commodities more easily, and enjoy the diversity and benefits of global commodities. Experience the fun of Internet shopping. At present, hundreds of thousands of sellers have entered the Spoism e-commerce platform, and the Spoism e-commerce platform will continue to help the platform’s own sellers deliver high-quality products to hundreds of millions of users around the world.

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