Bizflip Infuses OpenAI’s ChatGPT to Innovate Real-World Asset Acquisition and Investment with Beta Launch of Global NFT Asset Marketplace

May 20 08:21 2023
Charlotte, North Carolina, based platform is taking acquisitions and investments to the Web3 space in a way that’s never been seen before

Idea chasers, dreamers, investors, and innovators wanting to create real-world profitable assets now have an ally in Charlotte, North Carolina, based startup Bizflip.

The platform is slated for official debut in Q2 2023, with a beta offering the peer-to-peer marketplace for acquisition and investment for various assets. From preseed ideas to fully developed businesses looking to grow, Bizflip plans to be the perfect capital medium. It’s believed that Bizflip is the first and only Web3 marketplace for the sale of assets using AI and NFT blockchain technology.

“We are dedicated to enhancing the asset acquisition experience with speed of transactions globally, ease of access, security, and much more,” said a spokesperson for Bizflip.

Bizflip offers global visibility of the real-world assets sold on the platform with unparalleled transparency. At the core of Bizflip’s mission is the belief that transparency is the ultimate catalyst towards greater value for all. Users can explore, collect, invest in, and sell any type of asset in the form of NFTs, from physical businesses to blockchain applications (dApps) worldwide. Plus, the Bizflip team integrated escrow API to give users the option to complete a transaction on the website and in escrow services.

Blockchain delivers a leading-edge transaction experience, which is why the Bizflip founders chose this tech. Web3 is regarded for the security and transparency of transactions, and while blockchain has largely been limited to crypto, Bizflip is leveraging this tech to make asset acquisition swift and easy. Prospective buyers need only research the asset they’re interested in, complete the asset contract, and submit the offer to the seller. When the seller accepts, the transaction is automatically completed. The investment process on Bizflip is just as simple. To “mint” or create a listing is an easy process in which sellers can choose the information displayed on their listings. The ease, safety, and security of asset investment and/or acquisition on Bizflip are simply unmatched, as the platform features several layers of authentication for every single transaction.

“Blockchain has disrupted the status quo over the last decade,” said Surge Kalashnik, CEO of Bizflip. “We felt it was time to leverage the security of blockchain for real world asset acquisition and investment. Bizflip is changing the game to enable more people control and security. We want as many people as possible having fun creating & collecting profitable assets as they have fun playing the game of monopoly but actually make real money in the process.”

The company has also announced plans to launch a token associated with the marketplace, as well as proprietary features, post-beta rollout. Opportunities for funding Bizflip are around the corner with a preseed round set to kick off later this year for early investors. Another feature of the platform is a point based rewards system for every transaction made. The points can be staked, collected or sold. All part of the startups plan to reveal a gamefied, transparent approach to business asset acquisitions.

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Bizflip is on a mission to pioneer asset acquisition and investment accessibility like never before. With the Bizflip platform, users have the ability to explore, collect, invest, and sell assets in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), thereby pairing their sale with legally binding contractual obligations for all parties.  Users simply swipe left on NFTs they aren’t interested in or swipe right on ones they’d like to make an offer on or save for later. Tapping on a listing flips it to display NFT stats such as revenue, profit, and more. Users can choose the NFTs they want to invest in and are welcome to use the proprietary Bizflip evaluation tool to help make informed decisions. With ChatGPT AI integration, Bizflip is giving the investment community a never-before-seen tool.

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