“Summoning the Darkness” by Christopher Scott: A Gripping Geopolitical Love Story that Unveils a Chilling Conspiracy

May 24 01:42 2023
"Summoning the Darkness" by Christopher Scott: A Gripping Geopolitical Love Story that Unveils a Chilling Conspiracy

Author Christopher Scott unveils his latest masterpiece, “Summoning the Darkness,” a riveting geopolitical love story that takes readers on a thrilling journey through wild Alaska and the corridors of power in a suspenseful tale of adventure, romance, and intrigue. A not-so-improbable saga as current as today’s news, Summoning the Darkness might be a frightening glimpse at tomorrow’s headlines.

Scott knows well of what he writes. With more than 31-years as a government insider, he brings unparalleled authenticity to the pages of his new book, providing readers with a captivating blend of real-world political intrigue and compelling storytelling.

In “Summoning the Darkness,” a conspiratorial storm engulfs the nation as US Intelligence helplessly watches Iran’s progress in uranium enrichment. Frustrated generals and desperate politicians hatch an unfathomable plan to neutralize the threat, setting off a chain of events that entangles young bush pilot Clarke Eastbourne and the enigmatic Margaret. As their love is tested and their demons are unleashed, readers are taken on a tumultuous journey filled with unexpected twists and turns.

This escape thriller offers a thought-provoking glimpse into unbridled government power, where present-day events intertwine with an electrifying narrative. From the breathtaking landscapes of wild Alaska to the power struggles within the highest levels of government, “Summoning the Darkness” captivates readers with its richly descriptive scenes and compelling characters.

Christopher Scott’s unparalleled expertise shines through in his masterful storytelling. As a former Army intelligence officer, aerospace executive, and commercial pilot, Scott brings an authentic voice and intricate knowledge of geopolitics to the book, infusing the story with a level of realism that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The book’s themes of conspiracy, international tensions, and personal struggles will resonate with readers, making it a must-read for fans of thrilling escapism and geopolitical intrigue.

Summoning the Darkness” is available now Amazon and other major online retailers.

Book Name: Summoning the Darkness
Author Name: Christopher Scott
ISBN Number: 978-1916622272
Ebook Version: Click Here
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