The Benefits of Interactive Live Video Streaming for Modern Brands According to

May 24 21:48 2023
The Benefits of Interactive Live Video Streaming for Modern Brands According to

Just a few years ago, brands across the globe that wanted to keep up with online marketing trends began to replace standard, boring text with videos. Technology changes fast, though, and so do the ways it impacts people and businesses. Now, 80% of adult consumers report that their preferred method of interaction with their favorite brands is to watch live-streamed videos or participate in live virtual events. Read on to find out what makes this such a powerful marketing tool.

Build Trust and Brand Loyalty

Today’s customers don’t want to just buy products or pay for the services that best suit their needs. They want to connect with the brands that provide them, and according to, live streaming is the perfect way to do that. Unlike pre-recorded videos, live streaming has a more informal feel that can build trust and increase brand loyalty. Just keep in mind that informal does not mean unprofessional.

Provide Authentic Engagement Opportunities

When people look at Streaming Statistics – By Platform, Sources, Region, Demographic, Type, Popular Categories in the USA, they’ll see that consumers among most groups are more likely to follow a brand if they are given opportunities for authentic engagement. Interactive live streaming offers multiple ways to provide those opportunities. Businesses can use interactive live streaming to incorporate chats, Q&A sessions, and more to engage with audiences, get instant feedback, and humanize their brands.

Cross-Post and Repurpose Content

Platforms like Agora make it easy to create high-quality interactive live streams that can be cross-posted to multiple social media sites or other channels. However, the utility of live-streamed videos doesn’t end when they do. Video clips can be repurposed or used to inspire other content, from email marketing to sales presentations and beyond.

Stay at the Top of People’s Minds

Building brand awareness and maintaining brand loyalty isn’t just about attracting new leads and customers. Businesses also need to hold onto the ones they have, and that takes active engagement. Given that people watch live streams an average of three times as long as they do pre-recorded videos, it’s clear how the medium can help brands stay current.

Convert New Brand Ambassadors

With a good live-streaming strategy in place, ordinary customers and followers can be converted into brand ambassadors with ease. It’s easy to find additional info about how this process works, and live streaming can form an integral part of a company’s strategy to develop more vocal brand enthusiasts. Just keep in mind that active interaction is a key part of the process.

Live Streaming Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

A lot of businesses are hesitant to jump into live-streaming videos because it’s a new medium for them. There’s no reason to be nervous, though. If anything, interactive live streaming can take some of the pressure off of brands to be perfect all the time by encouraging authenticity and genuine interactions with the audience. Start live streaming regularly now and it will become a natural part of the company’s social media strategy in no time.


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