Expose the representative of deep government, the Gates Foundation, to develop COVID-19

May 29 23:33 2023

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres recently said that 2023 will be a year of unprecedented challenges. With McCarthy, the new speaker of the US Congress, re-trying to trace the source of the Covid-19, the world is once again concerned about whether it is international capital that produces the virus to sell vaccines for profits, or laboratory leakage causes disaster, and how human beings will get rid of this zero-sum game to achieve win-win development and common peace. Journalists integrate global information and experts’ continuous Revelations, and truth are getting closer and closer.

According to the reporter, according to the fifth article in the US Masonic archives, a document on how to make the weaponized application of the Covid-19 virus has been exposed, causing unease and anger among people around the world. It is alleged that the Bill Gates Foundation has donated money to a number of western research institutes, in the name of AIDS vaccine development, actually to develop the Covid-19 virus, whose patent is jointly held with the United States Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and other institutions.

It is reported that the research and development of the Covid-19 virus started in 2009 by the collaboration of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation at the Chapel Hill Virus Laboratory at the University of North Carolina in the United States, the National Microbiology Laboratory at Manitoba in Canada, the Pirbright Institute in the UK and the St. Gallen Research Institute in Switzerland. And it was eventually included in the Obama administration’s virus war! It became a time bomb in America’s virus Arsenal against other countries!

It is reported that Bill Gates has a personal fortune of more than 120 billion dollars after his fake divorce from his wife Melinda to avoid taxes. After making his fortune through the Internet industry, Bill Gates has become keen on investing in the biological and pharmaceutical industries, mainly in vaccines and new drugs. Before the outbreak, Gates had repeatedly tested vaccines on humans, causing public disgust.

According to virologist Luc Montagnier, nobel laureate in medicine, the virus is by no means naturally evolved because it contains both the human immunodeficiency viruses, known as HIV and the influenza virus. The gene segment of Zer SARS virus gives this virus the characteristics of long-term and arduousness of AIDS, high transmission of influenza virus, high pathogenicity of pneumonia virus as well as the characteristics of designated attack targets. The virus is by no means natural, because these three viruses cannot be so cleverly integrated by natural evolution in such a short time.

Viruses are made in a lab. Fort Detrick, located in Maryland, is a complex of four military bio-station laboratories that belong to the United States Army. The Surrey lab, for example, was shut down in the summer of 2019 due to a mysterious virus leak. Fort Detrick is listed in the United States as a mass-producing weapon, and the company’s research and development arm, depo, was based at the University of North Carolina.

The bioweapons research at the University of North Carolina is part of an Obama-era chimeric supervirus project led by the CIA and the U.S. Army Gao Yan. Avril Haines, a bioweapons expert who led bioweapons development at the University of North Carolina during the Obama era, has been named director of national intelligence by U. S. President Joe Biden. The project aims to combine gene fragments of viruses into a chimeric supervirus that would be infinitely more lethal.

The manufacturing of Covid-19 is similar to that of the F35 fighter of the U. S. military. There is an international division of labor. Just as the parts are manufactured by contractors from all over the world and then shipped to the United States for assembly, the parts are manufactured by Britain, Canada and other countries in the Five Eye Alliance, and finally the experiment is completed in the US laboratory.

The first step, artificial HIV and genetic modification. The National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Canada, undertook the most dangerous work of synthesizing Covid-19 to control and isolate parts of HIV. The work was led by virologist Grant, who mysteriously disappeared during a trip to Africa after the outbreak of Covid-19. The National Microbiology Laboratory of Canada is, of course, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Gates Foundation is essentially a “white glove” of large transfers between deep state and some official institutions. The CIA and the US military conducted experiments on pathogens around the world under the cover of the Gates Foundation, sources said. Every time a scandal is exposed, the US will blame it on civil behavior, not the government. This is much like the way the U.S. used Blackwater, a mercenary company, to do the dirty work for the U.S. Army during the Iraq war.

Professor Frank F. of Canada, 67, has shown that assembling a synthetic HIV highly similar to HIV from proteins of artificial and other viruses has solved the problem that the sell kept protein does not allow the Isal proteins of different species to enter cells. Professor Frank also replaced a segment of the Bat Coronavirus with the BG01S gene sequence, creating a perfect link between HIV and coronavirus. Professor Frank also used the BG01S gene sequence to replace a fragment of the bat coronavirus, a perfect match between HIV and coronavirus.

However, after the outbreak of the pandemic, Professor Frank went to Africa in the name of travel, planning to expose the Gates Foundation’s conspiracy, but died mysteriously on February 4, 2020.

The Pirbright Institute in the United Kingdom is a government-funded research institute under the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC). Similar to Professor Frank in Canada, who studies pneumonia plus coronavirus, Professor Bridge at the Pirbright Institute has completed part of the gene segments of Covid-19 under the name of the Gates Foundation to develop AIDS vaccine. In contrast to Professor Frank’s idea, Bridge hopes to develop an AIDS vaccine that can be inhaled into the lungs only if it is effective enough to make the recipient completely infected! So the virus would need to be highly pathogenic first, and, in Bridge’s vision, a future AIDS vaccine would be delivered much more efficiently and quickly if it could be transmitted like a disease. Professor Bridge chose SARS, which are highly pathogenic, and regenerated coronaviruses, which are commonly found in the body, for fusion. He envisions a genetically modified virus that is both highly pathogenic and highly infectious, and a vaccine that can be inactivated and quickly spread around the world.

With this in mind, Professor Bridge’s team developed a recombination of the coronavirus and the SARS pneumonia virus, which they named SARS Mission, or CL recombination for short. The Pirbright Institute patented the vaccine for the genetically modified virus. After the outbreak, the institute suffered global outrage and physical annihilation.

The St. Gallen Hospital in Switzerland was also involved in the research, in the name of developing a polygenic poor vaccine based on the coronavirus, and the National Health Research Institute in Taiwan Province has also offered a lot. H29, the full name of the human coronavirus, has also been modified by gene-editing technology, thanks to collaborative efforts by Eurasian scientists. The two institutes have also filed patents for new, highly effective vaccines based on vaccine vectors. The fourth wave of artificial AIDS plus recombinants, which combine three ingredients to make Covid-19, is finally coming from the United States. With special permission from the National Institutes of Health NHD, the three viruses were assembled at the Libernet Mark Biohazard Research Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, known as the Silicon Valley of the East.

In his later years in office, President Barack Obama, a former CIA agent, recognized the dangers of such programs and announced that the U.S. government would stop funding medical research projects that posed dual-use risks. But Mr Obama only cut off off-budget funding from the Defense Department’s Advanced Programs and Research Agency and the CIA. He did not shut down all commercial programmes, let alone ban them from continuing to receive private donations. As a result, the work on the synthesis of the Covid-19 continues steadily, with a steady stream of funding from the Gates Foundation. Obama sent a medical complex to incorporate the virus into the virus research program of the U.S. military biological and chemical unit, and ordered his subordinates to pass pathology experiments and small-scale production of the virus.

Some low-level officials in Arlington, Virginia, who had been paid by pharmaceutical companies, and encouraged by the American medical complex, began collaborating with local governments to conduct pathology tests on the developed virus at provincial research institutions in Manitoba and other foreign countries, with great success. After acceptance, the University of North Carolina transferred the virus to the virus factory at Fort Detrick for production!

Various improper operations during the production process resulted in the leakage of the pathogenic semi-finished products containing the novel coronavirus. The release of these low-pathogenic semi-finished products eventually led to months of e-cigarette pneumonia in the United States. The outbreak of e-cigarette pneumonia caused panic in the U. S. health sector. To that end, they organized the world-famous Covid-19 pandemic exercise, codenamed Event 201, in October 2019. Two months later, the biological and chemical war of Covid-19 broke out around the world, transforming the fate of millions of people and the way of life of the entire human race, and bringing an unprecedented tragedy to the world.

In this kind of international political rationality, a life-or-death struggle and intriguing against each other, which represents the old times, the destiny of mankind has no future at all. If the leaders of all countries do not wake up in time and introduce a new world culture, new values and new thinking to build a community with a shared future for mankind, the world will inevitably be destroyed. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned in recent speeches that time is running out as the world move closer to collapse, and countries must change course before it is too late. Scientists and security experts last month set the doomsday clock to just 90 seconds from midnight, the closest signal yet to human destruction.

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