Bur Oak Resources Offers Top-quality Wind Power Turbine Solutions and Off-Grid Solar Systems

May 29 23:36 2023

Bur Oak Resources is an incorporated Canadian company named firstly after the Mighty Bur Oak tree and secondly after renewable resources. The naming is related to the service they are committed to offer, which is to provide affordable green technology to Canadians. They do so by searching out technology that is both green and provides a cost-effective solution for Canadians who want to be part of the green energy movement. The company is home-grown and based in the beautiful North Bay, Ontario in Canada.

Answering a query, the company spokesperson said, “Net Meter systems generate electricity for a home or business and route the excess power into electric utility grids for compensation from the utility company. In Ontario, one’s credits are valid for 12 months after generation. One great benefit of a Net Metering system is that peak generation occurs at the time of peak energy cost.

Looking for a Manitoulin Island wind turbines company? The go-to destination for any wind turbine solutions is Bur Oak Resources. They operate with one objective in mind, which is to be a disrupter in the green energy sector by providing proven, dependable and economical solutions to growing sustainable energy markets in Ontario, Canada. In the wind turbine sector, they have done so by availing wind turbine solutions initiated by reputable brands such as Kelso and Bergey. For the Kelso branded wind turbines, they are VAWT patently designed with the ability to fulfill the energy demands for small to mid-markets. In fact, they are widely used by most companies in the telecom sector. Bergey offers wind turbines branded as Bergey Excel 15, which is in a class of its own. It out-perform most 20k wind turbines in the market at cost ownership that is truly budget-friendly.

The company spokesperson added, “Net Meter systems are also a great way to charge an EV. We at Bur Oak Resources can help one design an EV charging system with a great ROI that will eventually power their electric car for free. So, contact us today.

The Bergey Excel 15 only features two moving parts, a 31-foot rotor diameter, carbon fibre blades, and state-of-the-art technology, and that is why it is in a class of its own. So, for those needing a wind turbine, Bur Oak Resources is the company one should consider reaching out to get the best wind turbine solutions in the market. Clients can also count on the company to get other green energy solutions, such as solar offgrid systems in Ontario. Ideally, their off-grid solar systems have been designed by professionals to match anyone’s lifestyle and electrical load. The systems are also modular, which implies that they can grow as one’s power needs change. Typically, their off-grid solar systems feature storage batteries and often have generators for back- up. The inverter systems for off-grid applications usually have built-in battery chargers and thus can even be used to start the generator automatically if needed. For more insights, clients can contact the company.

About Bur Oak Resources

Bur Oak Resources is a company that avails the best green energy solutions to their customers and continues to keep abreast of the latest developments to ensure that their clients get solar solutions that work. So, those in need of solar power in Canada should consider reaching out to the company.

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