Animaze Unveils Animaze 23 Update as a One-Time Purchase on Steam

May 29 23:54 2023
Animaze, the avatar-based entertainment platform, introduces the Animaze 23 update on Steam, offering a one-time purchase DLC option and free upgrades for existing users.

Leading avatar-based entertainment platform, Animaze, is thrilled to announce the release of Animaze 23, an exciting update for its complementary one-time purchase option on the Steam platform. This update brings the latest features from the Subscription tier to the lifetime license version, delivering an enhanced experience for Windows PC users with a focus on Steam-centric audiences. 

This DLC offers users a one-time purchase option, enabling customers to own and utilize the complete present-day feature set of Animaze forever, including multiplayer, new carryable props, better camera controls, and more.

The inclusion of this alternative licensing option is a direct response to the needs of individuals who may have reservations about the prevalent Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Animaze understands the importance of providing users with flexibility and choice, catering to those who prefer a one-time purchase model. 

In an exciting development, owners of the previous year’s Animaze 22 DLC (both Plus and Pro) and Subscribers on an active yearly plan on the day of the launch, will receive Animaze 23 (Plus or Pro, depending on their existing license) at no additional cost. This generous offering ensures that loyal users can enjoy the latest version of Animaze without any extra expense, serving as a token of gratitude for their continued support and commitment to the platform.

Animaze Plus 23 and Animaze Pro 23 are one-time purchase DLCs exclusively available for the Steam version of Animaze. These DLCs provide lifetime subscription perks and ongoing updates for content and features until August 2023.

The following benefits are included in Animaze Plus 23 and Animaze Pro 23:

–  Removal of watermark
–  Streaming at 60 FPS
–  Dedicated capture window with true alpha channel and Spout2 support
–  Unlimited Twitch actions
–  Video export with MP4 encoder (MPEG available in the free tier)
–  Access to the extensive Animaze art slate, including avatars, backgrounds, props, and more:
–  80+ customizable avatars
–  35+ customizable backgrounds
–  90+ customizable accessories
–  Pro-Streamer commercial rights for streamers earning $500+ per month/$6000+ per year (Applies to Animaze Pro 23)
–  Access to select Holotech Originals content sources, allowing modification of original avatars, backgrounds, and props to better suit individual identities (up to 2 avatars, 5 accessories, 2 backgrounds, and 3 emotes). (Applies to Animaze Pro 23)

Animaze Plus 23, offering a lifetime license, is priced at $34.99 on Steam, while Animaze Pro 23, also a lifetime license, is available for $149.99. The Animaze Pro 23 DLC is recommended for users earning more than $6000 per year from Animaze-powered content (or $500 per month).

For more information on the enhancements introduced in Animaze 23 compared to the previous Animaze Plus/Pro 22 DLC, please visit

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Animaze, a revolutionary platform, is placing AAA-quality avatars at users’ fingertips, enabling the creation of immersive avatar-based entertainment for global audiences. With an extensive range of user-friendly features, a diverse library of imaginative avatars, captivating animations, and more, Animaze unlocks limitless creative possibilities.

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