China Merchants Shekou Holdings-AIDA CITY Landing in Times Square, New York, USA

June 01 22:45 2023

On May 31, 2023, CHINA MERCHANTS SHEKOU HOLDINGS-AIDA CITY appeared on the NASDAQ screen in Times Square, New York, USA, attracting huge attention from domestic and foreign media.

In Manhattan, New York’s Times Square is the focal point of the world economy, known as the “crossroads of the world” due to its annual passenger flow of hundreds of millions of people. The NASDAQ Big Screen located in Times Square is a world-class landmark, known as the “world’s first screen”. Every year, brands and companies from all over the world make appearances here, showcasing their charm to the world and becoming the most “eye-catching” window of the world.

With China’s strong rise as a world power and the advent of Asian Games in Hangzhou, CHINA MERCHANTS SHEKOU HOLDING, at the most bustling crossroads of the world, has entered Hangzhou for a decade with its flagship product – AIDA CITY, which dominates the entire NASDAQ advertising screen, paying tribute to every “Era Guide of Hangzhou” standing at the forefront of the trend: @HANGZHOU, AIDA Our Era!

Nowadays, Hangzhou is entering an unprecedented new era, where countless young emerging forces gather here —

They are fearless of age definition, daring to break free from constraints, shining like stars in the surging tide of the times; They always hold the belief of changing the world, surging forward with the surging and beautiful longing for life; They are rational and romantic, shining and passionate for their careers, and maintaining a love for life; They do not follow, blindly follow, or be bystanders of the times, but become followers of the great city.

At the node where Hangzhou and Era Guide of Hangzhou face each other, CHINA MERCHANTS SHEKOU HOLDINGS-AIDA CITY, with a TOD urban complex of approximately 510000 square meters as the coordinates, creates a dream city for Era Guide of Hangzhou, placing their ambitions and dreams in place. Advance together with Hangzhou and walk alongside the Era Guide of Hangzhou.

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