Wellness by Design Founder Dr. Jon Repole Debuts I-llness to We-llness: A Revolutionary 11-Step Program to Conquer Disease, Create Everyday Miracles, and Reconnect to Your Highest Self

June 05 22:51 2023
The book equips readers with eleven revolutionary tools that help them reclaim their health and live a life of fullness.

Dr. Jon Repole, the clinical director of Jacksonville Health and Wellness Center and the founder of the 6-month holistic medicine coaching program Wellness by Design, has released a groundbreaking new book centered on his innovative approach to achieving optimal health and wellness. Titled “I-llness to We-llness: A Revolutionary 11-Step Program to Conquer Disease, Create Everyday Miracles, and Reconnect to Your Highest Self”, Dr. Repole’s book provides a comprehensive blueprint toward a better, healthier, and more fulfilled self.

The book combines cutting-edge science with Integral Meta-Theory, A Course in Miracles, functional and holistic medicine, and traditional wisdom to shift the focus from treating illness to cultivating wellness and reconnecting with one’s highest self.

The eleven revolutionary tools outlined in the book deep dive into the various aspects of health, going beyond the physical body and addressing the emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual components that contribute to overall wellness.

According to Dr. Repole, healthcare is more than just about preventing symptoms and survival.

He says, “It’s about living longer, experiencing a healthier quality of life, fulfillment, thriving, growth, and living a life in service and contribution. It’s not just about adding years to your life; it’s about adding life to our years. All of this can be summed up as self-actualization and self-transcendence.”

I-llness to We-llness offers practical guidance for readers to cultivate a more integrated and fulfilling life. It takes the readers on a journey of self-discovery, enabling them to actualize their highest potential and live a life of wellness, abundance, and purpose.

The book also highlights the “we” in health, emphasizing the significance of building and nurturing relationships and investing in one’s community as a crucial component to achieving optimal wellness. For Dr. Repole, true wellness cannot be achieved in a vacuum – it requires connection, support, and collaboration with others.

“For example, when we connect with others, choose organic foods, and take a stance against factory farming, we are rewarded with the hormone oxytocin. Our bodies and the environment are protected from antibiotics, pesticides, and herbicides, and we eliminate needless animal abuse and suffering. It’s a win-win for everyone,” says Dr. Repole.

I-llness to We-llness is a game-changing book that challenges conventional approaches to healthcare and empowers readers with the knowledge they need to take charge of their health and well-being while taking into account the interconnectedness between individuals and communities. It is an essential read for anyone seeking a comprehensive and holistic approach to wellness that goes beyond physical health and addresses all aspects of well-being.

Learn more about Dr. Repole and his works at Jacksonville Health and Wellness Center here: https://www.DrRepole.com.

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