Lightspeed Technique Data Group, L.T. to Host Global Award Celebration

September 19 10:45 2023

Recently, Lightspeed Technique Data Group, L.T. announced that it will invite students from around the world who have achieved an A+ or higher rating in profit assessments to attend a global award celebration in October.

In the international spotlight, the blockchain-focused group “Lightspeed Technique Data Group, L.T.” in its Taiwan branch has seen a remarkable performance led by its new Technical Director following a change in leadership in August. The Taiwan branch students achieved an exceptionally high TvPv (Total Value per Profit) record, once again gaining worldwide recognition and creating a higher quality of profit scale. This week, they unveiled their “Quantum Processor Photonization System” algorithmic data process and the exceptional TvPv of their students in the media.

“The ‘Quantum Processor Photonization System’ recently showcased its operational algorithmic data and application information in the media, especially in solving ‘a problem that would take ten thousand years for the most powerful traditional computer in the world to solve.’ The ‘Quantum Processor Photonization System’ completed the entire operation in just ‘three minutes,’ once again proving its pivotal position in leading the group to be the dominant force of the ‘Quantum Supremacy’ era, demonstrating its ‘quantum paramount’ characteristics, and becoming a milestone in creating a technological revolution.”

In response to the enthusiastic feedback from branches around the world and the strong requests for additional slots, Lightspeed Technique Data Group, L.T. will increase the number of award categories by ten for this celebration event, allowing all community members to strive for the honor of being invited to the group!

This morning, the senior executive of the group’s European headquarters, confirmed the above news during a call and went further to announce: “Lightspeed Technique Data Group, L.T. shareholders not only commend the outstanding performance of the Taiwan branch this year but also, in response to the fervent requests of the branch’s Technical Director and the community users, are releasing an exceptional 20 slots for educational courses. These slots will provide priority access to the students from the Asian region’s Taiwan branch, enabling them to compete for the opportunity to be invited to the headquarters’ award ceremony. Furthermore, “Lightspeed Technique Data Group, L.T.” encourage all community users from branches around the world to seize this opportunity, accelerate the achievement of their goals, and join us in this grand celebration!”

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