Orbis86 Successfully Hosts Web3 Holiday Food Drive in Collaboration with OffChain Global, Sponsored by LBank and Agroverse

November 20 18:21 2023
Orbis86 Successfully Hosts Web3 Holiday Food Drive in Collaboration with OffChain Global, Sponsored by LBank and Agroverse
Orbis86, a Web3 and crypto leader, successfully hosted a Web3 holiday food drive event in collaboration with OffChain Global, generously sponsored by LBank and Agroverse. The event, held in San Francisco on Nov 5th, brought together industry experts for knowledge sharing, networking, and community giving. Featuring esteemed speakers and a lively panel discussion on the future of Web3, the occasion embodied the spirit of fostering connections and positive change alongside a holiday food drive

San Francisco – 20th Nov, 2023 – Orbis86, a trailblazing leader in the Web3 and crypto space, in collaboration with OffChain Global and with the generous sponsorship of LBank and Agroverse has successfully hosted a Web3 holiday food drive event that brought together industry experts, evangelists, and the wider community for an evening of knowledge sharing, networking, and giving back to the community. 

Web3 Holiday Drive

The event, held on Sunday, 5 November, from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM GMT-8, was a resounding success, embodying the spirit of Web3 by fostering strong connections and relationships within the industry. The occasion was marked by a lively panel discussion featuring esteemed speakers who shared their insights on the future of Web3 and its potential for positive change in the world. 


  • Dan Cordie, Co-founder of Artists Building Communities: Dan Cordie, a seasoned Creative Digital Marketer, channels his 10+ years of experience into tackling the US housing crisis. He’s an advocate for innovative Web3 and NFT solutions, dedicated to driving positive change. 

  • Dr. Victor Santiago, Executive Chairman of The Victor Pineda Foundation / World Enabled and Contributor to Agroverse: Dr. Victor Santiago Pineda, a global human rights expert and visionary entrepreneur, leads impactful initiatives in inclusive smart cities. With two presidential appointments, he’s transforming the world through innovation and resilience. 

  • Patti Pan, CEO and Co-founder of ETCHEVE: Patti Pan, a seasoned creator economy entrepreneur, launched RevArt and Etcheve after her role as a senior manager in a Fortune 500 company. Her expertise spans art and technology, and she actively engages as a curator, gallerist, and non-profit art organization board member. 

  • Michelle Leonard-Bell, Executive Director of Mission Hiring Hall: Michelle serves as the Executive Director of Mission Hiring Hall, a pivotal organization aiding San Francisco’s low-income residents and local employers since 1971. Their recent integration of AI training equips underserved communities with cutting-edge skills for the changing job landscape. 



  • Soniya Ahuja, Founder & CEO of Orbis86: Soniya Ahuja, a Web3 and crypto leader with 20 years of experience, empowers through Orbis86. Her initiatives, like the 1111 Orbisons NFT collection, promote diversity and community engagement. She hosts “The Silicon Dreams,” inspiring innovators in AI, ML, and Web3. 

The event was not only about knowledge sharing but also about giving back to the community. The Web3 holiday food drive was organized to benefit Good Shepherd as they prepare to serve the community during the holidays, reflecting the essence of the season. The networking session provided attendees with the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and catalyze, ensuring that the event was more than just an information exchange. It was a platform for forging valuable connections, exchanging ideas, and being a part of the digital revolution. 

Stay tuned for future Orbis86 events, as they continue to pioneer Web3 and crypto advancements while promoting community engagement and positive impact. 

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