Revealing the Truth in “So Many Secrets, So Many Lies” Book Release

February 12 17:52 2024

Widely acclaimed author Rosemary J. Fisher treats readers who are enthusiasts of mystery, thrills, suspense, deception, and intrigue with her So Many Secrets, So Many Lies book release. The suspenseful and twisted plots are set to engage readers in a captivating and thrilling reading experience.

In So Many Secrets, So Many Lies, readers will quickly get caught up in the web of lies and deception that encircle Suzanne and her husband Larry. As the plot unfolds, readers discover that all is not as it seems. Secret phone calls, unhealthy relationships and risky behaviors have no place in a satisfactory marriage. Caught up in dangerous illegal activities, Larry is pulled deeper into deception, leaving Suzanne confused, depressed, and uncertain about their marriage. Overcome with loneliness and desire, Suzanne is easy prey for the attentions of a man with secrets of his own. When the dark secrets are brought to light, the characters face dire consequences and life-changing decisions.  Once lost, can trust ever be restored? Readers will find out as they dive into this compelling novel about love, honesty, and self-discovery.

The author has a masterful storytelling ability that allows her to poetically weave the narratives of the novel, from the first page to the last, in a manner that will keep readers at the edge of their seats. The characters are well-developed, and readers can easily relate to their stories. The plot is unpredictable, with new revelations in every chapter. At first, the readers will think they know what the characters are doing but discover that there is more to their story, which keeps them turning the pages.

So Many Secrets, So Many Lies has been greeted with glowing reviews by readers. Some praise it for its compelling narratives while others acknowledge it for its immersive experience and heart-racing plotlines. Some of the reviews from the readers include:

“I liked this book from the very first page!! The characters were well developed. I understood their problems and their emotional struggles. Though they didn’t always make wise choices, I could empathize with their decisions. I could hardly stop reading until I found out what would happen and how they would survive the drama caused by their secrets and lies! Definitely a page turner.”

“Love this book! Well written and couldn’t put it down!”

So Many Secrets, So Many Lies is available for purchase in digital, paperback and hardcover format from Amazon. and other online book sellers. Get your copy today to embark on a pulsating journey to discover, with Suzanne, that sometimes the things we desire are within ourselves.  

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