Renowned Artist PHYBR Partners with Locally Owned Business and Real Estate Pros to Transform St. Petersburg, Florida, with a Stunning New Mural

June 17 20:27 2024

St. Petersburg is set to become the home of a captivating new mural that expertly blends the nostalgia of 80s and 90s toys with contemporary art. Created by the acclaimed artist PHYBR, this stunning optical illusion adorns the exterior of The Neon Lunch Box, a vibrant local restaurant, bar and live music venue owned by Chelsey Andrews, dedicated to promoting visual artists.

Located at The Neon Lunch Box, the mural will draw on the beloved aesthetics of iconic toys from the 1980s and 1990s, inviting viewers into a swirling vortex that evokes both nostalgia and wonder. PHYBR, known for his unique style and ability to create immersive visual experiences, will once again demonstrate his exceptional talent, making this piece a must-see attraction for both locals and tourists.

The mural celebrates the toys and cultural touchstones of a generation now rising to power and cultural influence in adulthood. This project highlights the symbiotic relationship between art and community, brought to life through PHYBR’s vibrant and masterful design.

This artistic initiative is proudly sponsored by The Neon Lunch Box, The Bayer Home Loan Team, F + S Marketing Strategy and TTruth, four forward-thinking organizations committed to fostering community engagement through the integration of art, local business and the real estate industry. By supporting this project, they aim to demonstrate how art can enhance quality of life, bring people together and create vibrant, culturally rich communities. They seek to draw attention to the visual arts to open channels for artists to do what they do best, create for all to enjoy.

The Neon Lunch Box, with its deep commitment to the local art scene and its 80s & 90s theme, serves as the perfect venue for this mural. This collaboration with PHYBR is a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to enriching the cultural landscape of St. Petersburg.

Documenting the creation process of this mural is F + S Marketing Strategy, a St. Pete based marketing company specializing in designing strategies to elevate a brand’s success. F + S Marketing Strategy will be instrumental in capturing the vibrant essence of the mural and capturing the current vibe of the dynamic atmosphere at The Neon Lunch Box, providing stunning visual content that will be showcased during and after the mural’s unveiling.

Chelsey Andrews, owner of The Neon Lunch Box, shared her excitement: “I love this city. I love the art in this city. There is so much life and culture here, and I’m hoping this is a way we can show the world just what our city has to offer!”

“Art has the incredible ability to transform spaces, evoke emotions, and bring communities together,” said Erin Bayer, founder of the Bayer Loan Team. “Through this mural, we want to highlight that real estate is not just about buildings and transactions; it’s about people and the spaces where we live, work, and connect. We want to bring the support of the Real Estate industry to the artist community by opening space for art and artists in the communities that we serve. Chelsea’s initiative to support local artists by opening space & PHYBR’s artwork perfectly embodies this vision. We are honored to have the opportunity to support these community stars in bringing the vision forward to add to contemporary culture in a real way.”

A representative from TTruth added, “Our goal is to inspire both the local communities and the real estate industry to see the potential in using art as a tool for cultural revitalization. This mural is the kick off an initiative to support artistically gifted people by providing platforms to support continued creation of art for communities to enjoy. TTruth is that creative expression brings community together and adds value to our daily lives. If we don’t open space and support the arts many artists can’t afford to create and we miss out on additions to contemporary culture.”

An unveiling ceremony will feature a meet-and-greet with PHYBR, live music, and refreshments. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear directly from the artist about his creative process and the inspiration behind the mural. The event is free and open to the public, encouraging community members to come together and celebrate this new addition to St. Pete’s vibrant art scene.

Rediscover your love for the past and create new memories at The Neon Lunch Box – where nostalgia meets modern artistry in the most vibrant way possible. For more information about the mural project and upcoming events, please visit The Neon Lunchbox at or contact: [email protected]

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Erin Bayer


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PHYBR is an internationally renowned artist known for his dynamic murals and innovative use of optical illusions. His work often explores themes of nostalgia, community, and the intersection of past and present.

About The Neon Lunch Box

The Neon Lunch Box is a dynamic bar in St. Petersburg that prides itself on providing exposure to talented artists, particularly those who can benefit from having more exposure. The bar’s

philosophy is rooted in fostering a vibrant arts community through support and collaboration.

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The Bayer Loan Team is dedicated to providing exceptional real estate financing solutions while actively contributing to community development through innovative partnerships and initiatives.

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F + S Marketing is committed to delivering exceptional results by combining innovation, creativity, and strategic thinking to help businesses thrive in the digital landscape.

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TTruth is a visionary organization focused on making the world a better place by promoting cultural enrichment and community engagement through the strategic integration of art, business and Real estate.

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