Alejandro Lambarri has joined the Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) Board of Directors Team, which will now ensure acceptance by all of Latin American’s approval of Maya Preferred 223

August 13 18:18 2019
Alejandro Lambarri has joined the Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) Board of Directors Team, which will now ensure acceptance by all of Latin American\'s approval of Maya Preferred 223

Better Than Gold!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alejandro Lambarri joins the Maya Preferred 223 and Maya Coin’s Board of Directors team which will ensure all of Latin American’s will accept Maya preferred 223 as possibly the next Euro of Latin America.

Alejandro Lambarri, founder and CEO of Global Payment Solutions, and ordained Knight Templar in Vatican City, has joined the board of directors of Maya Preferred 223; a stable currency backed by silver and gold assets. Lambarri joins the board serving as ambassador and General Representative for Latin America.

Alejandro Lambarri, has developed a business group of the financial, telecommunications, real estate and services industry, and will represent the currency developers of Maya Preferred public policy, in addition to playing the role of ambassador of the company to cultivate relations between the company and the countries of South America, thanks to his experience in public financial markets and Fintech innovations.

Maya Preferred 223 recently received the support of Bitcoin gold and silver, thanks to the recent strategies provided by Lambarri. To this end, 21 million MAPR have been transferred to escrow accounts, which is equivalent to the total number of Bitcoins. The purpose of this operation is to guarantee the security of investments in case the encryption market decreases or Bitcoin weakens. Another step to providing stability to the crypto market is the fact that MAPR is performing the first forward split in cryptocurrency history.

Developed by U.K. Financial Ltd. as a stable currency backed by precious metal assets, Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) is backed each one by $ 34,000 per gold and silver chip of 11 gold and silver mines in Mexico.

Ambassador Lambarri received a warm welcome from the CEO and co-founder of Maya Preferred 223, James Dahlke, a certified public accountant. Dahlke commented on the topic: “We are happy to work with Alejandro Lambarri, who is the investor behind key technology projects that are impacting the financial sector and society. With his extensive experience in marketing, which has consolidated him in the business strategy, Maya Preferred will get recognition in Latin America.”

With Mr. Lambarri’s guidence Maya Preferred 223 will be able to execute its business plan and a much more rapid rate of becoming a global currency for the entire world, starting with Mexico and Latin America. Maya Preferred 223 is currently backed by $34,000 worth of gold and silver per token it has plans on becoming a Global Currency and also has plans on stabilizing the entire cryptocurrency markets so people will recognize cryptocurrency as a real currency.

Investors can still take advantage of buying Maya preferred 223 at the discount rate of $250 per token by logging on to catex Exchange, fatbtc or the Saturn Exchange. The rate of $250 was do to the 100-1 forward split the company has just performed and the special promotional price will be good until September 30th 2019.

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