Creative Biolabs Provides Comprehensive Single Domain Antibody Services

August 14 17:50 2019
Creative Biolabs bends efforts for years to providing high-level single domain antibody (sdAb) services on a worldwide scale, aiming to facilitate the research institutes and pharmaceutical manufacturers with their process of drug development and to improve precision medicine.

August 14, 2019 – NY, US – Single domain antibodies, also known as domain antibodies, VHHs, VNARs or sdAbs, holding the merits of high stability, outstanding penetrability and alike, are getting increasing popularity in the field of medical area, bringing hope to the antibody-drug development. Creative Biolabs has spent over decades of time and energy on providing a series of single domain antibody services with high quality and strong technology support catering to various customer needs. The use of camel, llama, alpaca or even shark as repertoire source for sdAb development ensures multiple choices. Key services include but are unrestricted to Single Domain Antibody Library Construction and Screening, Single Domain Antibody Humanization, sdAb Affinity Maturation, etc.

Human or Humanized Single Domain Antibody Production Services

For the sake of optimizing sdAbs’ nonhuman original character that might lead to immunogenicity, Creative Biolabs launched the synthetic human single domain antibody phage display libraries adopting humanized sdAb scaffolds. These libraries possess the competence of producing high-affinity human sdAbs targeting at the immunogens. Customer’s special order of sdAb humanization can also be satisfied by grafting CDR regions plus back-mutation.

Single Domain Antibodies Affinity Maturation Services

Further optimization of the immunized or naïve animals’ sdAbs affinity service is now available even if the sdAbs isolated from antibody libraries derived from gene synthesis and immunized or generally exhibit reasonable affinity. “There is always room for improvement,” said the head of Creative Biolabs who has a spirit of continuous betterment. The antibody affinity maturation adopts the newly developed proprietary DNA mutagenesis technique, which is capable of creating an enormous number (e.g. 1010) variants of the parental antibody with defined positions mutated. This service, combined with the first level phage display antibody construction and screening techniques, holds the capability of enhancing 10-100 fold on aspects of affinity.

For years, scientists from Creative Biolabs never stop their steps to move forward. With more and more newly launched advanced technology platforms and groups of devoted scientists, designing the highest affinity sdAbs to meet with customers’ requirements becomes not just speedy, but also cost-effective.

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About The Company

With an unrelenting drive in the biotechnology research area, Creative Biolabs has executed every strategy to serve comprehensive services and products for clients on a worldwide scale. Recognized as the leading custom service provider with extensive experience in various antibody production and engineering fields, Creative Biolabs is professional in conducting in-depth antibody humanization and affinity maturation using phage display and DNA mutagenesis approaches. In addition, OEM services for bulk scale antibody manufacturing, including bacterial production of scFv, diabody, tandem scFv, miniantibody and Fab, and mammalian cell expression of minibody, chimeric IgG and IgG, are also reachable at the most competitive price in the industry.

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