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August 14 17:52 2019
Creative Biolabs, working as a whole-heart provider, is specifically geared to the needs of clients requiring professional single domain antibody (sdAb) services assisted by its professional website.

August 14, 2019 – New York, US – Creative Biolabs is a whole heart provider of therapeutic and functional antibody design & engineering services, which with the support of advanced technology platforms and groups of experienced scientists helps solve every possible problem encountered by global clients. The website targeting clients that are specialized in sdAb development holds the following features.

Concise and Intuitive Homepage: Fast Information Overview

The 4 one-stop services regarding sdAb are rolling displayed, including one-stop solution for sdAb development, anti-membrane protein sdAb development, anti-PTM sdAb development and bispecific sdAb development. Scrolling down the mouse, the characterized services display as intended, which are specific sdAb characterization, novel sdAb development and custom sdAb production and manufacture.

Clear and Comprehensive Navigation Tool: Precise Positioning

The navigation tool and the search tool are set in a horizontal order on the right up corner. The “Services” section with an arrow tip on the right is set folded so to save more space and to clearly distinguish with other sections. For the customers who just want sdAb products, by clicking the “Products” word with a hyperlink, they will be directed to the detail portal page, where the star products are reachable with highlights elaborated beforehand. Products compose recombinant sdAb, polyclonal Ab, secondary Ab, secondary sdAb, TAG sdAb, control sdAb.

Elaborated Supporting Documents: Convenient Information Acquisition

In the aim of facilitating the website visitors with a fast look at the procedures and theories of the services, supporting documents are embodied in the form of infographic, flyer, brochure, case study, etc. Both online browsing and downloading are readily available.

Diverse Contact Details: 100% Response to Inquiries

Timely newsletter sending ensures all the important news of Creative Biolabs is transmitted to every potential client. If online contact is inconvenient, face to face talk to professional scientists can also be realized according to the address on the website page. Of course, an advanced telephone reservation can make everything in good order.

This website concentrates on providing professional services for the clients with need in the sdAb area, including the sdAb development and sdAb products. Creative Biolabs is always willing to find the best approach to help solve problems in every aspect regarding antibody development.

If more details about the single domain antibody are required, please feel free to contact or visit

About the Enterprise

Established in 2004, Creative Biolabs, as one of the well-recognized service providing companies, is dedicated to assisting global clients with the most satisfactory single domain antibody related services. Based on the extensive experience, advanced platforms, and animal repertoires like camel, shark and Llama, all the services can be tailor-designed to meet specific needs.

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