General Anaesthesia Can Aid Dental Implant Rehabilitation among Anxious Patients

August 20 14:16 2019

Dental phobia also known as dental anxiety has an enormous impact on patients’ oral health and it is not at all uncommon. Estimates say that at least 40 per cent of Canadians are strongly afraid of dentists and they avoid dental care because of this. Even more so, it has been shown that this fear can be transmitted from parents to children having a long-lasting impact on them as well.

The majority of people will need dental treatment at some point in their lives and typically, this means addressing issues such as cavities, dental trauma, missing teeth, tooth decay, or periodontal disease, all variable according to age, lifestyle and various other circumstances. Not addressing these issues timely and appropriately will not only affect dental and oral hygiene but will consequently have an impact on nutrition and general health.

Looking at ways to solve the problem

The majority of dental satisfaction studies among patients with dental phobia have, as expected, revealed incredibly low scores. The outcome of treatments has also been significantly worse in these patients.

One recent study published in BMC Oral Health however aimed to investigate whether the success of rehabilitation with dental bridges would be impacted after the procedure is performed under general anaesthesia. The results were substantially positive: 67 per cent of participants experiencing high dental phobia were completely satisfied with the procedure. Moreover, over 77 per cent followed through regular check-ups post-treatment and almost 97 per cent said they would undergo the same treatment again.

The expert’s comment

A spokesperson for Thornhill Dental Office, an Ontario based dental clinic providing the full range of services for patients of all ages, commented on the findings, “Dental phobia or severe pharyngeal reflexes can have a great impact on whether a treatment is successful or not. The reason is that this anxiety and fear leads them to be uncooperative or follow through the recommended dental care compliance. Every single member of our dental office is acutely aware of this and we strive to not only offer compassion and understanding, but ensure a level of flexibility that provides comfort. Unfortunately, this is not always enough and many patients are still left struggling. General anaesthesia is a convenient way to perform all surgical procedures in one session and then have the dental bridge installed in one appointment”.

About Thornhill Dental Office

With an overarching mission of enabling better oral health to as many Canadians as possible, Thornhill Dental Office are committed to becoming Ontario’s go-to for dental treatment. Regardless of age and complexity of issue, every single member of the team has a patient-centric approach to anyone who comes in looking for a solution. Because they understand many patients are at their most vulnerable and they are experiencing high levels of pain, the office has been continuously building an environment that is safe and comfortable for everyone.

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