Tech Start-Up Launches, an AI Leadership Coach In The Pocket offering Daily Motivation For Success

September 16 10:38 2019
Like bathing, motivation doesn’t last. That’s why we all need a daily dose of it to keep us inspired to perform better, improve, grow, and succeed in any chosen endeavour

London, UK – Leaders are made and not born. That’s why anyone who wants to attain a higher level in their leadership role needs daily motivation to keep them pushing the boundaries.

We’ve heard about motivational speakers and coaches, now, a tech startup is introducing, the very first AI leadership coach for everyday life. The Chabot is designed to help managers, entrepreneurs, leaders, and other individuals with a leadership role to access high-potentials and become top-performers.

Via daily coaching questions, users are able to strengthen their leadership skills, build a journal/diary; and get leadership tips, advice and inspiration. A variety of soft skills are covered, so no matter their personality, everyone will be able to connect and get great values.

To sign up for initially free coaching sessions with no credit card required, please click here, and then follow the signup at the web app on the website.

With everyone can now have motivation and leadership coaching right inside their pocket. Leadership coaching can be very expensive and time-consuming as most people would need to attend seminars and workshops. Even at that, it doesn’t come as regularly and most people would want it. Challenges come every day, so why shouldn’t motivation. is very simple to use. After signing up, the user can start sharing their goals with the Chabot. Users will also have to determine the leadership soft skill they will focus on a particular time. Soft skills available to choose includes performance, focus, strategic thinking, clear communication, active listening, building relationships, managing energy level, continuous learning, courage, etc.

After settling for a skill, the user can then start having daily coaching conversations with Rocky on their time. A minimum of 5 minutes is all that is required to get a daily dose of inspiration that will make a difference. The web app also includes weekly reports and analytic section to check progress and activities.

Users can easily get their morning mindset to construct their intentions and understand emotional tone they will use to carry out the day. With evening reflection they can analyze their outcomes from the day and inspire personal growth. has been created using a combination of professional ideas and insight from the best minds in the motivational and human psychology field. Machine learning technology, coaches, psychologists, leaders, and insights from bestsellers have been combined to deliver the very best motivational Chabot that rocks.  

We all know that motivation is not an easy thing because if it were, all of those bestselling books on the subject will not be found anywhere. Rocky is ushering the world into a new age where motivation can be received on the go. The web app is easy to use, and the AI will continue to get smarter and better as more people get on board and use it.

For more information, please contact +4915164464813, [email protected], or visit

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