Leading San Francisco Real Estate Agent: “San Francisco Will Always Be A Place Where People Want To Live”

December 23 09:44 2020

The days of the suburban living have taken a sharp decline as more and more people, young ones especially, are electing to live closer to the pulse of the goings on. This means leaving their parents homes for a return to true urban living.

Danielle Lazier is a real estate listing agent in San Francisco, CA. She has watched the trends carefully over the last few years and notes the urban return is climbing faster than before. Inventory of homes in the various neighborhoods and sections of the city have seen phenomenal growth.

Lazier points out how some of her properties are moving and doing so rapidly. One recent listing, a condominium, sold within four days of posting for sale. Similar properties have gone equally fast with more and more people looking to cut long term plans into short term ones.

Lazier and her real estate agency of San Francisco, California notes more and more people are looking to the future now instead of later. This means what was a five or 10 year plan is suddenly a next month plan. Retirees are looking to downsize and move out of the city. This means prime opportunities are abundant for the right buyer looking for a specific property.

Realtor agents around San Francisco, California, are quick to point out how prices are stable and mortgage rates are excellent for the buyer. If ever there was a time to look into real estate, the time is not likely to get better than now.

Lazier has an extensive website with properties coming on and going off on a regular basis with the sheer influx of people making their moves. Go to http://daniellelazier.com to see what is available or to make an appointment for a showing.

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