‘Soul Sporty’ Takes The Honor To Promote Its Sustainable Women’s Athletic Wear Collection

April 26 21:45 2021
Discover an array of truly irresistible and bold design athleisure collections at Soul Sporty!

New York, USA – Soul Sporty is a sustainable Women’s Athleisure Brand that empowers a belief and commitment to do good, be good, and choose Progress over Perfection. They embody sustainability, slow fashion, quality over quantity — where durability and the life cycle of each piece can be loved long to its fullest extent.

Soul Sporty offers sustainable fashion women’s athletic wear where each fabric quality and design detail is carefully made with the intent of extending the pieces not only per season but for years to come by empowering the women throughout the day balancing WFH and family life; they will be their go-to for running errands; they will complement the vibe for a cute brunch with friends; and most importantly, they will support, protect and make one feel invincible during an awesome workout session.

Soul Sporty is the go-to brand for workout essentials, among other sustainable and slow fashion brands coming from the past few years. This new Slow Fashion, sustainable women’s athleisure brand not just focuses on sustainable materials and products but also concentrates on building community & empowering women, which makes it matchless.

“We realize sustainability is a full spectrum of things. Its about the entire cycle and everything thats involved. As a whole, its about the ecosystem of The People, Planet, Purpose, Profit and how they impact and drive one another. Our products were born from a thoughtful process to embody all of our values in sustainability, style, functionality, and durability to extend each lifecycle to its fullest. This is an extremely challenging balance to achieve, which we have managed to master, says the Founder of Soul Sporty, Emily Peng.

The brand believes in trendless, season-less, quality over quantity clothing. Their styles are basics and essentials for the everyday woman with an active lifestyle. The Sustainable Women Sportswear designed at Soul Sporty is of premium quality with environmentally-friendly properties. Along with their priority to push for a transparent green supply chain, the brand uses 100% Pima Cotton for Casual-intensity activity, Rayon for Low-intensity activity, and 80% Recycled Polyester for Mid to High-intensity activity, making the workout moments tranquil and even more exciting.

At Soul Sporty, longer product life makes it more sustainable. The brand believes in the longevity of each product to support all the thriving women in every detail — hidden in patterns, seams, and stitches to keep each style as clean as possible on the outside but filled with design solutions on the inside.

With an obvious increase in the worldwide women’s activewear market, the brand estimates this market to reach a value of 216.9 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. Therefore, Soul Sporty is utilizing effective strategies to reach larger audiences with its comfy, durable, and sustainable athletic wear. Find the most versatile workout clothes at Soul Sporty, home to the sustainable active-wear collection, and also avail of up to 10% off on their first order.

About the Company:

Soul Sporty is a sustainable Women’s Athleisure Brand committed to focusing on product longevity.

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