Its Another Session of Miracles At The March 2023 Healing Streams Services With Pastor Chris

March 03 15:54 2023
Its Another Session of Miracles At The March 2023 Healing Streams Services With Pastor Chris
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The earth is poised for an unadulterated flow of God’s healing power to the nations at the Healing Streams Live Healing Services this March. All is in readiness as billions of people from all walks of life gear up to experience the infallibility of God’s love unleashed in extraordinary ways at the services.

The healing Streams of God has brought divine healing, restoration, and salvation to billions of lives in all the nations of the earth. The world itself has never before witnessed such simultaneous displays of God’s might globally, as those experienced at the Healing Services. In an atmosphere of reverent worship and praise to God Almighty, the dead received life to the wonderment of all, the lame sprang to their feet and stood in awe; deaf ears were opened, the mute sang melodies of praise, and blind eyes were opened to behold the glory of God manifested.

One such amazing miracle recorded at the healing services is that of Ankunda who escaped death by the whiskers from an unknown assailant in December 2021. Having sustained a broken spine and disc fracture from the attack, a disconsolate Ankunda was told she would not walk again.  Despite the quagmire of pain and despair, she believed that through faith in God’s Word, she would get her groove back. Her life-transforming moment came during the July 2022 Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris, where she received healing and restoration. Today Ankunda can walk, run and do all she desires without aid to the Glory of God.

Millions of testimonies such as this and many more abound of attendees, who got healed of myriad ailments and freed from demonic oppression during the services.

Come March 17th to 19th from 3.00 pm (GMT+1) daily, the all-encompassing love of God will sweep the nations once again curing his people of all manner of diseases and pain.  Are you ready? Registration is on and free so go ahead and register yourself, everyone you love and all that require healing today via

Speaking recently on this March edition of the program, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome stated, “I hope you’re getting ready for Healing Streams Live Healing Services in March. It’s going to be a great one, it’s going to be big because so many around the world will be healed. Their lives changed forever.” Are you ready to be amongst those whose lives will be indelibly changed forever? Take your first step of faith today with your registration.

Divinely orchestrated by the spirit, the healing services are characterized by rapturous worship of God the Almighty Father, faith-stirring testimonies from attendees of past sessions, an In-depth expose of the Word, and ministrations of the supernatural by the Man of God, Pastor Chris.

Another remarkable testimony wrought at the Services is that of Rowena from the Philippines, who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. For a long pain-filled time, she had difficulty breathing; could not walk unaided, and experienced fatigue regularly. When the Man of God ministered to her during the Healing Streams Live Healing Services, her health was restored, and the disease was dispelled in the Name of Jesus. Now, she is healed! She breathes with ease, walks unaided, and can run!  She is full of life and grateful to the Lord for her miracle!

Through LIVE online broadcast to billions of participants across the globe in all major languages; the healing services are indeed an oasis of hope and revivification to the world today.

At the just-concluded Praise-A-Thon, Pastor Benny Hinn prophesized concerning the program, “There’s going to be an avalanche of the miraculous”. Fill up your cloud in expectations of the miraculous today as you join billions of saints to make tremendous power available for the program through prayer. Take advantage of Healing Streams PRAY-A-THON 720 in preparing for the program by praying for 15mins daily on

The count-up is on; an epochal weekend of Miracles is almost upon us;  get excited and stay expectant for you and set time for divine intervention has come.

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