How “the greatest, never-heard-of-before dynasty” is helping to create a better world

March 11 08:45 2023

The World Evolution Initiative

“The world’s problems have possible solutions NOW!”

HIRH Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan

The world today is facing unprecedented challenges, and here’s how “the greatest dynasty you have never heard of” is going to help solve those problems.

Perhaps the most extraordinary secret of the Middle East was the long-reigning mighty Christian dynasty of the Ghassanid Sovereigns. For nearly 2,000 years until very recently, this bloodline ruled over the largest territory longer than any other Arab Dynasty. Founded in 220 CE by HM King Jaffna Ibn Amir the empire sprawled across parts of modern-day Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia. Their rule flourished from 220 CE until the mid-18th century (Christian branch), and 1921 CE (Muslim branch). Currently, the Ghassanids are around fifteen million people who are dispersed around the world.

Today, His Imperial and Royal Highness Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan Al-Numan VIII, believes titles alone are useless. Duty and service are fundamental to royalty’s relevance in the twenty-first century. He’s spent the past 15 years raising global awareness and successfully gathering support for the renaissance of the noble Middle Eastern heritage whose visionary chivalric values are embedded in his DNA.

The prince is internationally recognized as the lawful heir of the Ghassanid Dynasty and is the head and CEO of the Royal House of Ghassan, is proud to announce the launch of its global initiative, World Evolution (WE). This non-ruling royal house is also a multi-awarded NGO, recognized by the Lebanese government, and accredited in special consultative status with the United Nations. The Royal House is a non-profit recognized by the United States Government as a tax-deductible charity under section 503 (c) 3 of the IRS – Internal Revenue Service.

Through the World Evolution initiative, the goal is to address three major global issues: hunger, “green wealth” and education. Food shortages, depleting forests and vegetation reserves, and a growing lack of education are among the most pressing matters we face today as a society. “We’re fortunate to live in times when information is abundant and cheap; however, we have never been so misinformed!”, says the prince.  By tackling these issues head-on with innovative solutions, World Evolution expands the NGO’s reach from the Middle East (the ancestral homeland), and the diaspora (Europe and Americas), to the rest of the world and is here to change the way we think about making a difference.

To learn more about the Royal House of Ghassan and the World Evolution initiative, watch the documentary “The Royal Legacy” here

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