Autistic Writer Jacson Marçal: Tech Enthusiast Transforming Marketing

May 01 21:00 2023
Autistic Writer Jacson Marçal: Tech Enthusiast Transforming Marketing

Jacson Marçal Pereira de Jesus is a trailblazing writer, an ardent lover of technology, and an advocate for autism awareness. Despite the challenges he faces with his autism diagnosis, Jacson has been making remarkable strides in the world of marketing, transforming the industry through his innovative perspectives and creative strategies.

Jacson has published three books addressing his experiences and knowledge as an autistic person: “Autistic Mind – Mental Reset” (2020), “Autistic Mind – Putting Knowledge and Thoughts Together” (2022), and “Autistic Mind – Walking the Spectrum” (2023). In addition, Jacson is working on three other works that promise to continue his trajectory of success and impact in the world.

Facing the difficulties imposed by his condition with grit and determination, Jacson sought knowledge and education in several areas. He graduated in Sales Marketing from ICT in 2022, became a Blockchain Technologist from the University of Nicosia, and specialized in Medical Neuroscience from Duke University in the same year. He also holds certifications in Neurofeedback and Biofeedback, Psychological First Aid, and Consumer Neuroscience, as well as a post-graduate degree in Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Management.

His passion for the autistic cause led him to become an activist, speaker, and counselor for the Autistic Brazil group. Jacson also supports Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Brazil, showing his commitment to making a difference in the lives of people facing difficulties.

His journey began when he started sharing his personal experiences and insights about autism on various online platforms. By doing so, Jacson not only broke down barriers for others living with autism, but also demonstrated the importance of inclusive representation in the digital space. His honesty and openness about his experiences inspired others to follow in his footsteps and pursue their dreams, regardless of their challenges.

As a writer, Jacson has showcased his creativity and passion for technology by exploring topics such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and digital marketing. His work has been featured in prominent publications, and his expert opinions have been sought after by businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

What sets Jacson apart from others in the field of marketing is his ability to approach problems from a unique angle, thanks to his autistic perspective. He excels in providing innovative solutions that challenge conventional marketing techniques, resulting in more effective strategies for businesses to connect with their target audiences.

Furthermore, Jacson is an advocate for neurodiversity in the workplace. He believes that individuals with autism possess valuable skills and talents that can significantly contribute to a company’s success. By raising awareness about autism and the potential benefits of neurodiverse employees, Jacson is helping to create more inclusive work environments that encourage and support individuals with diverse backgrounds and abilities.

Jacson Marçal Pereira de Jesus continues to break new ground in the marketing industry, and his influence is felt far beyond the confines of his profession. As a writer, an autistic individual, and a technology enthusiast, he is changing the way we view marketing and reshaping the industry for the better. His contributions to the autistic community, as well as his academic achievements and career successes, demonstrate the power of perseverance and the importance of embracing one’s unique abilities.

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