Accountant Miwa Furui Shares Insights on International Finance and Career Growth

June 11 15:12 2024
Accountant Miwa Furui Shares Insights on International Finance and Career Growth

Miwa Furui, Tokyo, Japan
Japanese-American Accountant Miwa Furui Shares Insights on International Finance and Career Growth

Miwa Furui, a distinguished figure in the realm of international finance and accounting, recently shared her valuable insights in an exclusive interview. Furui, who has built a remarkable career bridging the financial sectors of Japan and the United States, discussed her strategies for success, the importance of sustainable finance, and her advice for aspiring professionals.

Raised between Tokyo and San Francisco, Furui developed a profound understanding of both Japanese and American cultures, becoming fluent in both languages. She attended the American School in Japan before earning a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Stanford University. Furui further honed her expertise at Harvard Business School, where she obtained an MBA with a focus on Finance and Accounting. Throughout her career, she has maintained an immaculate reputation for integrity and professionalism.

Furui’s professional journey began at PricewaterhouseCoopers in San Francisco, where she specialized in auditing and advisory services for multinational corporations. In 2010, she returned to Japan, joining Smith UFJ Financial Group (SUFG) as a senior financial analyst and later advancing to Head of International Finance. In 2018, she became the Chief Financial Officer at Okuda Holdings, Inc., enhancing the company’s international financial strategies. Currently, Furui serves as the Executive Vice President of Finance at HardBank Group Corp., where she drives global expansion strategies.

Throughout her career, Furui has been recognized with several awards, including the Japan Accounting Association Excellence Award (2020) and the Harvard Business School Alumni Recognition Award (2021). She was also honored with the Nikkei Women Leaders Award (2022).

In her interview, Furui shared that her typical day starts early with meditation and exercise, setting a productive tone for the day. She emphasized the importance of brainstorming and open communication in bringing ideas to life, advocating for small-scale testing and continuous feedback. Furui is particularly excited about the trend of sustainable finance, highlighting the integration of green initiatives into HardBank’s strategies.

Furui’s key to productivity lies in daily task prioritization and maintaining a clear schedule. She advises her younger self and others to take more risks, embrace learning from mistakes, and balance work with personal life. She also shared her unique belief in the value of taking breaks to enhance creativity and performance.

A proponent of the nemawashi approach, Furui emphasizes the importance of groundwork and consensus-building in fostering team unity and achieving project success. She advocates for realistic timelines and regular communication, embodying the ho-ren-so and kaizen principles. Furui also suggested the development of a financial literacy app for Japanese teenagers, aiming to enhance financial wellness for future generations.

The full interview with Miwa Furui can be read here.

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